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Fiscal policy and economic growth : lessons for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (English)

This study explores public finance policies in the transition countries of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) and their likely effects on economic growth. ... See More +

Publication 41174 JUN 29, 2007

Abu-Ghaida, Dina; Dulitzky, Daniel; Guven, Ufuk; Hou, Xiaohui; Rutkowski, Jan; Schwarz, Anita; Walewski, Mateusz; Gray, Cheryl; Kasek, Leszek; Lane, Tracey; Marcincin, Anton; Pushak, Taras; Rzonca, Andrzej; Saavedra, Pablo; Skrok, Emilia; Tiongson, Erwin; Valachy, Juraj; Varoudakis, Aristomene; Vybornaia, Olga; Kessides, Christine; Khan, Shaheena Disclosed

Public finance, governance, and growth in transition economies : empirical evidence from 1992-2004 (English)

This paper revisits the early empirical literature on economic growth in transition economies, with particular focus on fiscal policy variables-fiscal balance and the size of government. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4255 JUN 01, 2007

Pushak, Taras; Tiongson, Erwin R.; Varoudakis, Aristomene Disclosed

The impact of energy price changes in Moldova (English)

In January 2006 the price of natural gas supplied to Moldova increased from $80 to $110 per thousand cubic meters (mcm). Prices may increase further in the near future, putting additional pressure on the economy and leading to adverse effects on the poorest households. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3960 JUL 01, 2006

Baclajanschi, Iaroslav; Bouton, Lawrence; Mori, Hideki; Ostojic, Dejan; Pushak, Taras; Tiongson, Erwin R. Disclosed

Moldova - Sharing power: lessons learned from the reform and privatization of Moldova's electricity sector (English)

This study answers two questions about power sector reform in Moldova. First, did reform affect the poor and the non-poor differently? Second, are household consumption patterns different for private and public distribution networks? ... See More +

Social Analysis 30376 SEP 19, 2004

Junge, Nils; Pushak, Taras; Lampietti, Julian; Dudwick, Nora; Van den Berg, Katelijn