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Opportunities in dam planning and management : a communication practitioner's handbook for large water infrastructure (English)

Communication for development is a comparatively new field that offers new tools and techniques to support inclusive and informed decisions in the planning and management of large water and energy infrastructure projects, including dams. ... See More +

Publication 62625 JUN 21, 2011

Mazzei, Leonardo; M. Haas, Lawrence J.; O'Leary, Donal T. Disclosed

Lesotho Highlands Water Project : communication practices for governance and sustainability improvement (English)

The past decade has witnessed major shift thinking about water, including how water infrastructure development strategies can help advance sustainable development and the global fight against poverty. ... See More +

Publication 55840 JUL 30, 2010

Haas, Lawrence J.M.; Mazzei, Leonardo; O'Leary, Donal T.; Disclosed

Berg Water Project : communication practices for governance and sustainability improvement (English)

The past decade has witnessed a major global shift in thinking about water, including the role that water infrastructure plays in sustainable development. ... See More +

Publication 55839 JUL 08, 2010

Haas, Lawrence J. M.; Mazzei, Leonardo; O'Leary, Donal T.; Rossouw, Nigel; Disclosed

Setting standards for communication and governance : the example of infrastructure projects (English)

This paper outlines a number of practical initiatives to strengthen the role of development communication in infrastructure projects. The authors aim to facilitate better quality projects and to build consensus on the type of governance reforms needed to fight corruption, drawing on the experience of development agencies like the World Bank and Transparency International, the leading anticorruption NGO. ... See More +

Publication 40562 JUN 01, 2007

J.M. Hass, Lawrence; Mazzei, Leonardo; O'Leary, Donal

The role of communication in large infrastructure: the Bumbuna hydroelectric project in post-conflict Sierra Leone (English)

Infrastructure development in the past was often implemented without adequately taking into consideration the possible negative environmental and social impacts. ... See More +

Publication 36819 JAN 01, 2006

Mazzei, Leonardo; Scuppa, Gianmarco Disclosed