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Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste - Research and evaluation program : Omnibus baseline survey and process monitoring report (English)

The Omnibus baseline survey and process monitoring report contains the primary findings of the PNDS research and evaluation program. The report is divided into three parts: qualitative and quantitative baseline survey report: this part provides an overview of economic, institutional, and social characteristics of villages in which PNDS will be implemented, but prior to the implementation of PNDS. ... See More +

Working Paper ACS13711 SEP 01, 2015

Andrew Beath; Prerna Choudhury; Amanda Kuppers;; Miks Muizarajs; Erin Steffen; Yuhki Tajima Disclosed

Understanding the livelihoods of former insurgents : Aceh, Indonesia (English)

This paper documents significant differences in the impacts the war in Aceh had on ex-combatants and civilians and how these differences shaped the post-war decision-making processes of their households. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 68074 JUL 01, 2010

Tajima, Yuhki Disclosed

Mobilizing for violence - the escalation and limitation of identity conflicts: the case of Lampung, Indonesia (English)

This paper has two primary aims: 1) To characterize the processes by which individuals are mobilized for violent identity-based conflict, and 2) To identify the most salient factors which limit the inter-village identity conflicts. ... See More +

Working Paper 32324 AUG 01, 2004

Tajima, Yuhki Disclosed