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The evolution of development thinking: theory and policy (English)

This paper traces the course of development thinking and associated development policy over the past six decades. The author examines early Post-War Consensus, with theory focused largely on a revival and extensions of classical dualism theory and policy concentrating on creating the preconditions for development and severing colonial ties viewed as tied to the market. ... See More +

Working Paper 28971 MAY 03, 2004

Ranis, Gustav

The World Bank economic review 9(3) (English)

The Soviet economic decline. William Easterly and Stanley Fischer Contingent valuation and actual behavior: predicting connections to new water systems in the State of Kerala, India. ... See More +

Publication 15176 SEP 30, 1995

Easterly, William; Fischer, Stanley; Griffin, Charles C.; Briscoe, John; Singh, Bhanwar; Ramasubban, Radhika; Bhatia, Ramesh; Cukierman, Alex; Webb, Steven B.; de Melo, Martha; Ofer, Gur; Sander, Olga; Velenchik, Ann D.; Birdsall, Nancy; Ross, David; Sabot, Richard; Ranis, Gustav

Growth with equity : the Taiwan case (English)

This study develops an analytical framework that relates changes in family income to the evolution of its several components, which are in turn related to development theory. ... See More +

Publication 13374 JAN 01, 1979

Fei, John C.H.; Ranis, Gustav; Kuo, Shirley W.Y.