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ICTs for health in Africa (English)

Countries in Africa spend significant amounts of their GDP on delivering health services through systems that are often inefficient, costly and lacking in transparency. ... See More +

Working Paper 88229 JAN 01, 2014

Shekar, Meera; Otto, Kate

Improving nutrition through multisectoral approaches (English)

This report responds to the global development communityapos;s request for operational guidance to maximize the impact of investments on nutrition outcomes for women and young children. ... See More +

Working Paper 75102 JAN 01, 2013

Alderman, Harold; Elder, Leslie; Goyal, Aparajita; Herforth, Anna; Hoberg, Yurie Tanimichi; Marini, Alessandra; Ruel-Bergeron, Julie; Saavedra, Jaime; Shekar, Meera; Tiwari, Sailesh; Zaman, Hassan

ICTs for health in Africa (English)

Countries in Africa spend significant amounts of their gross domestic product (GDP) on delivering health services through systems that are often inefficient, costly and lacking in transparency. ... See More +

Working Paper 77962 JAN 01, 2013

Shekar, Meera; Otto, Kate

Seeding action for change at scale : first phase of the final report of the Japan Trust Fund for nutrition (English)

The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the catalytic role of the Japan Trust Fund in raising the profile of nutrition through its support of World Bank activities. ... See More +

Working Paper 74153 SEP 01, 2012

Shekar, Meera

Scaling up nutrition : what will it cost? (English)

Undernutrition imposes a staggering cost worldwide, both in human and economic terms. It is responsible for the deaths of more than 3.5 million children each year (more than one-third of all deaths among children under five) and the loss of billions of dollars in forgone productivity and avoidable health care spending. ... See More +

Publication 51835 NOV 06, 2009

Horton, Susan; Shekar, Meera; McDonald, Christine; Mahal, Ajay; Krystene Brooks, Jana

Inequalities in malnutrition in low- and middle-income countries : updated and expanded estimates (English)

The objective of this report is twofold: first, to update the data relating to child under nutrition (stunting and underweight) in the original series reports, by using the new international child growth standards; and second, to provide information on overweight and obesity, which were not included in the original series reports. ... See More +

Working Paper 48025 JAN 01, 2008

Ergo, Alex ; Shekar, Meera ; Gwatkin, Davidson R.

Mainstreaming nutrition in poverty reduction strategy papers : What does it take? A review of the early experience (English)

This paper reviews 40 full poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSPs) with regard to whether these strategy papers (1) recognize under-nutrition as a development problem in the country, (2) whether they use nutrition information for poverty analysis, and (3) whether the PRSP includes specific nutrition activities (policies, strategies, and programs) to deal with the unique nutrition problems in each country. ... See More +

Working Paper 41874 DEC 01, 2006

Shekar, Meera; Lee, Yi-Kyoung

Global issues for global citizens : an introduction to key development challenges (English)

This book grew out of the Global Issues seminars and is itself a testament to that two-way dialogue: the suggestion to compile the speakersapos; lecture notes into a book came from the students themselves. ... See More +

Publication 37452 AUG 01, 2006

Bhargava, Vinay; Chuhan, Punam; Claessens, Stijin; Bhargava, Vinay; Varma, Sona; Goldin, Ian; Anderson, Kym; Nash, John D.; Cleaver, Kevin; Okidegbe, Nwanze; De Nys, Erwin; Balachander, Jayshree; Kagia, Ruth; Shekar, Meera; Lee, Yi-Kyoung; Noble, Ian; Watson, Robert T.; Saghir, Jamal; Oapos;Sullivan, Kyran; Sadoff, Claudia; Kemper, Karin; Grey, David; Kelleher, Kieran; Weber, Michael L.; Kuroda, Kazuhide; Avalle, Oscar; Curioni, Gaspard; Gurkhan, Asli

Indiaapos;s undernourished children : a call for reform and action (English)

The prevalence of child undernutrition in India is among the highest in the world; nearly double that of Sub-Saharan Africa, with dire consequences for morbidity, mortality, productivity and economic growth. ... See More +

Publication 36805 JAN 01, 2006

Gragnolati, Michele; Bredenkamp, Caryn; Shekar, Meera; Das Gupta, Monica; Lee, Yi-Kyoung

Indiaapos;s undernourished children: a call for reform and action (English)

This paper explores the dimensions of child undernutrition in India, and examines the effectiveness of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) program in addressing it. ... See More +

Working Paper 34638 AUG 01, 2005

Gragnolati, Michele; Shekar, Meera; Das Gupta, Monica; Bredenkamp, Caryn; Lee, Yi-Kyoung

Strengthening monitoring and evaluation in the World Bankapos;s nutrition portfolio (English)

Recent developments at the World Bank towards a greater emphasis on results based management, on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and a shift away from vertical programs towards programmatic lending and poverty reduction strategy credits (PRSCs) provided a backdrop to this discussion meeting on monitoring and evaluation for nutrition. ... See More +

Working Paper 35561 MAY 01, 2003

Shekar, Meera; Liddle, Amanda