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Agribusiness indicators : synthesis report (English)

The need for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to build more productive, modern, and market-oriented farming sectors is one of our most pressing development challenges. ... See More +

Other Agricultural Study 91133 DEC 01, 2014

Dixie, Grahame; Holtzman, John; MBata, James; Thapa, Samjhana

An analytical toolkit for support to contract farming (English)

Over the past century or so, a wide assortment of pre-harvest agreements, joint ventures, deals, and pledges that can be termed contract farming have been brokered between farmers and buyers. ... See More +

Working Paper 88181 MAY 01, 2014

Dixie, Grahame; Jonasova, Marketa; Ronchi, Loraine; Sergeant, Andrew; Jaeger, Peter; Yap, Justin

The practice of responsible investment principles in larger-scale agricultural investments : implications for corporate performance and impact on local communities (English)

This report presents findings from a field-based survey on the conduct of agricultural operations at 39 large-scale, mature agribusiness investments in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 86175 APR 01, 2014

Mirza, Hafiz; Speller, William; Dixie, Grahame; Goodman, Zoe

Investing in agribusiness : a retrospective view of a Development Banks investments in agribusiness in Africa and Southeast Asia and the Pacific (English)

Recent increases in the prices of agricultural commodities have spurred a surge of private investment into farming and agribusiness. Given the right types of large-scale investment, this can have a transformative effect in underdeveloped rural areas and have a positive effect on national economic development including the provision of domestic food supply to urban areas that can reduce dependence on food imports. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 81083 AUG 01, 2013

Tyler, Geoff; Dixie, Grahame

A harvest of practical insights : lessons learned in agriculture, agribusiness, sustainable rural development and climate change (English)

This IFC SmartBook is a compilation of sixteen IFC SmartLessons that presents practical lessons learned by staff from across the IFC and the World Bank on approaches for engaging in agriculture that have led to success. ... See More +

Working Paper 72690 MAR 01, 2012

Macawaris, Natalie; Taylor, Colin; Zamora-Galinato, Carla; Hanbal, Hazem; Tanatar, Selcuk; Arias, Diego; Weber, Nicolas; Dixie, Grahame; Pathy, Manivannan; Lurie, Jay; Gupta, Neeraj; Acharya, Gayatri; Hernani, Mirella; Ali, Anika; Sircar, Mrinal; Braimoh, Ademola; Retana, Graciela Reyes; Hoyos, María Carolina; Debroux, Laurent; Woelcke, Johannes; Ockman, Sarah; Rybalko, Fedir; Johnson, Ebbe; Fock, Achim; Zhao, Jun; Varodi, Oksana; Criscuolo, Alberto; Rahman, Shaela

ICT in agriculture : connecting smallholders to knowledge, networks, and institutions (English)

The livelihoods of the worlds poor rise and fall with the fate of agriculture. Enhancing the ability of smallholders to connect with the knowledge, networks, and institutions necessary to improve their productivity, food security, and employment opportunities is a fundamental development challenge. ... See More +

Other Rural Study 64605 NOV 01, 2011

George, Tina; Bagazonzya, Henry; Ballantyne, Peter; Belden, Cory; Birner, Regina; Castello, Riccardo del; Castren, Tuukka; Choudhary, Vikas; Dixie, Grahame; Donovan, Kevin; Edge, Philip; Hani, May; Harrod, Julie; Pekka Jamsen; Jantunen, Teemu; Jayaraman, Nithya; Maru, Ajit; Majumdar, Suvranil; Manfre, Cristina; McLaren, Robin; McNamara, Kerry; Morras, Estibalitz; Nichterlein, Karin; Pehu, Eija; Pillai, Madhavi; Porcari, Rios; Luz Diaz; Rudgard, Stephen; Safdar, Zaid; Sen, Soham; Slavova, Mira; Srivastava, Lara; Stanley, Victoria; Treinen, Sophie

Medicinal plant marketing in Bangladesh (English)

The South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) and Intercooperation (IC) recently entered into a partnership to contribute to the development of a sustainable and dynamic medicinal plant sector in Bangladesh. ... See More +

Working Paper 44473 DEC 01, 2003

Dixie, Grahame; Imam, Syed Ali; Hussain, Md. Jahangir