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Setting Up a Communication Package for the Italian NDC (English)

In the last 30 years the Italian pension system was repeatedly reformed and counter-reformed, increasing uncertainty about future pensions. A low level of financial literacy exacerbated this problem. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 136554 APR 01, 2019

Boeri,Tito; Cozzolino,Maria; Di Porto,Edoardo Disclosed

Labor regulations in developing countries : a review of the evidence and directions for future research (English)

This paper focuses on minimum wages (MW), mandated benefits (MB), employment protection legislation (EPL), and unemployment insurance benefit systems (UIB). ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 46306 OCT 01, 2008

Boeri, Tito; Helppie, Brooke; Macis, Mario Disclosed

Pension reform in Europe : process and progress (English)

Pension reform is an important topic, high on the agendas of most European countries, where countries are profoundly affected by an aging population, the result of lower fertility, and increased life expectancy, changes in family structure, and the effects of globalization. ... See More +

Publication 26292 FEB 28, 2003

Holzmann, Robert; Orenstein, Mitchell; Rutkowski, Michael [editors]; Mackellar, Landis; Muller, Katharina; Ney, Steven; Legros, Florence; Chlon-Dominczak, Agnieszka; Mora, Marek; Boeri, Tito

Transition 13 (4-5) (English)

Good transition needs friendly investment climate - some lessons of experience; by Guy Pfeffermann. Foreign investment slumps in Cuba. Labor policy dilemmas preceding EU enlargement - Labor markets of the accession countries : fit to join? ... See More +

Newsletter 24944 SEP 30, 2002

Pfeffermann, Guy; Riboud, Michelle; Sanchez-Paramo, Carolina; Silva-Jauregui, Carlos; Boeri, T.; Brucker, H.; Coricelli, F.; Dolado, J.; Fitzgerald, J.; de la Fuente, A.; Garibaldi, P.; Hanson, G.; Jimeno, J.; Portes, R.; Saint-Paul, G.; Spilimbergo, A.; O'Brien, Dan; J.H. Enthoven, Adolf; Rosa, Richard; Su Zhi; Wang Shang; Levine, Steven P.; Reed, Tony; Economist Intelligence Unit; Zamulin, Oleg; Yudaeva, Ksenia; Stern, Robert M.; Pancs, Romans; Crighton, Johanna; Davey, Kenneth; Bartasheva, Natalia; Hayhurst, David; Campos, Nauro F.; Coricelli, Fabrizio; Earnhart, Dietrich; Lizal, Lubomir; Romanik, Claire; Trasberg, Viktor; Naulappa, Pertti; Salonen, Ilkka Disclosed

Transition 13 (3) (English)

Transition with Chinese characteristics - Progress in ownership changes and hidden risks in China's transition; by Fan Gang. China's experience with Transition: what is behind its stunning economic success? ... See More +

Newsletter 24606 JUN 30, 2002

Hirschler, Richard [editor]; Fan Gang; Dawson, Thomas C.; Stiglitz, Joseph; Rose, Richard; Brankovic, Aleksandra; Nenadovic, Aleksa; McKenzie, John; Szelenyi, Ivan; Miller, William L.; Bal, Lucinia; Yudaeva, Ksenia; Bessonova, Evgenia; Kozlov, Konstantin; Svejnar, Jan; Roland, Gerard; Boeri, Tito; Terrell, Katherine; Estrin, Saul; Filer, Randall K.; Hanousek, Jan; Kerlin, Janelle; Tosics, Ivan; Jarvinen, Marketta; Azeem, Mirja Disclosed

Transition 13 (2) (English)

EU accession challenges CEE agriculture. Land policies and evolving farm structures in transition countries; by Zvi Lerman, Csaba Csaki, and Gershon Feder. ... See More +

Newsletter 24240 APR 30, 2002

Hirschler, Richard [editor]; Lerman, Zvi; Csaki, Csaba; Feder, Gershon; Hewko, John; Solymossy, Emeric; Krakovsky, Alexander; Randma, Tiina; Davey, Kenneth; Schultze, Claus; Koivu,Tuuli; Berglof, Erik; Bolton, Patrick; Hansen, Morten; Pancs, Romans; Boeri, Tito; Oliveira Martins, Joaquim; Nuti, D. Mario; Brandt, Loren; Hongbin Lin; Roberts, Joanne; Bennet, John; Estrin, Saul; Maw, James; Gupta, Nandini; Catwright, Kimberley; Prohnitchi,Valeriu Disclosed