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Applying mixed methods research to community driven development projects and local conflict mediation : a case study from Indonesia (English)

This paper summarizes the methodological strategies and choices employed in an ongoing research project in Indonesia. The project seeks to (a) understand the trajectories that local level conflicts take, and the factors that lead to resolution, stalemate, or escalation; (b) examine the impact of the Kecamatan Development Project (KDP), a massive World Bank-financed community-driven development project, on the ability of communities to manage conflict; and on that basis (c) make recommendations to those designing and implementing related community-driven development and conflict mediation projects in Indonesia (and, where relevant, elsewhere). ... See More +

Working Paper 34222 JAN 21, 2008

Barron, Patrick; Diprose, Rachael; Smith, Claire Q.; Whiteside, Katherine; Woolcock, Michael

CDD impact assessment study: optimizing evaluation design under constraints (English)

This study arises in the context of what some refer to as a paradigm shift in the strategy of the World Bank, moving from a top-down to more of a bottom-up approach to development. ... See More +

Working Paper 31218 FEB 01, 2004

Wassenich, Paul; Whiteside, Katherine