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Desentralisasi dan Provinsi ke Arah Penguatan Tatakelola Provinsi (Bahasa (Indonesian))

This paper on Decentralization and Provincial Governance Strengthening the Provincial Direction opines that Indonesia took courageous steps to come to terms with decentralization on 3 planes: First, the inter-governmental relations that are adjusting constantly and demanding legal framework for their operations; Second, the magnitude of synergy needs planning and budgeting within the government of Indonesia as a new experience in decentralization; Third, the limited governance capacity and capability of innovative ways to face the pressures of a standard application in certain public services. ... See More +

Publication 67885 JAN 06, 2011

Seldadyo, Harry Disclosed

Improving the business environment in East Java : views from the private sector (English)

This report presents the results of research undertaken by The World Bank and The Asia Foundation to identify barriers to trade and investment in East Java. ... See More +

Publication 31559 JAN 01, 2005

Budiman, Bido A.; Sulistyo, Megawati; Rustiani, Frida; Surya Putra, R. Alam; Kumoloraras, Haryunani; Seldadyo, Harry; Fauzi, Indra N.; Latief, Ferry D. Disclosed