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Arguing traditions : denying Kenya's women access to land rights (English)

Two major approaches on how to address women's land security can be identified: reforming the formal legal sector, and embracing informal community practices. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 52674 JAN 01, 2010

Harrington, Andrew; Chopra, Tanja Disclosed

Justice versus peace in Northern Kenya (English)

The conflicting relationship between peace and justice is frequently debated in the field of transitional justice. The obligation to prosecute serious crimes can contradict the measures necessary to reestablish peace among society. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 49581 JAN 01, 2009

Chopra, Tanja; Disclosed

Kenya - Reconciling society and the judiciary in northern Kenya (English)

This report discusses how to reconcile society and the judiciary in northern Kenya. It is a companion paper to Building Informal Justice in Northern Kenya, which focuses on the peace initiatives in the arid lands. ... See More +

Law and Justice Study 71692 DEC 01, 2008

Chopra, Tanja Disclosed

The illusion of inclusion : women's access to rights in Northern Kenya (English)

Kenyan law is drafted with the intent to conform to various international human rights conventions and documents. Many of these laws are conducive to promoting gender equality; however, there are still major setbacks in achieving such equality in practice. ... See More +

Working Paper 89818 DEC 01, 2008

Ayuko, Bonita; Chopra, Tanja Disclosed

Kenya - Building informal justice in northern Kenya (English)

This report analyzes the conflict resolution mechanisms among pastoralist societies in northern Kenya who have a long history of conflict but were by and large not involved in recent hostilities. ... See More +

Law and Justice Study 71691 DEC 01, 2008

Chopra, Tanja Disclosed

Legal aid days as a research tool : experiences from northern Kenya (English)

Providing legal aid as part of a research program can bring both methodological and community benefits. Legal aid days encourage people to open up more quickly, increase the amount of information people are willing to share, enable less vocal members of the community to speak out and satisfy the desire of researchers to give something back to communities - rather than just extract information. ... See More +

Brief 47523 SEP 01, 2008

Ayuko, Bonita; Chopra, Tanja; Disclosed

Promoting women's rights by indigenous means : an innovative project in Kenya (English)

The World Bank's Justice for the Poor (J4P) program seeks to gain a deeper understanding of local level justice processes, in order to identify pragmatic ways to allow access to justice for the poor and marginalized. ... See More +

Brief 43682 JUL 01, 2007

Chopra, Tanja Disclosed