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South Caucasus in Motion (English)

The people of the South Caucasus aspire for their countries to become strong middle-class societies, and they are on track to make that aspiration a reality. ... See More +

Working Paper 136436 JAN 01, 2019

Fuchs Tarlovsky,Alan; Cancho,Cesar A.; Munoz Boudet,Ana Maria; Tiwari,Sailesh; Nozaki,Natsuko Kiso; Meyer,Moritz; Lyu,Xinxin; Gonzalez Icaza,Maria Fernanda; Inan,Osman Kaan; Shidiq,Akhmad Rizal; Morales Cerda,Matias Ignacio; Srinivas,Vikram; Espinosa De Los Monteros,Isaura Disclosed

Poverty Mapping in Georgia (English)

Poverty mapping has a huge potential to improve geographical policy targeting and to enable efficient resource allocations. The approach has been developed and used as a policy tool in more than 60 countries worldwide. ... See More +

Report 137427 JAN 01, 2019

Fuchs Tarlovsky,Alan; Cancho,Cesar A.; Nozaki,Natsuko Kiso Disclosed

Georgia indebtedness poverty note : analysis based on integrated household survey (English)

There is considerable public concern about the level of household indebtedness in Georgia. The new regulation expected to come into force on November 1, 2018 addresses this concern by enforcing the responsible credit framework targeting commercial banks. ... See More +

Report 137425 NOV 05, 2018

Fuchs Tarlovsky,Alan; Cancho,Cesar A.; Nozaki,Natsuko Kiso Disclosed

Romania - gender assessment (English)

Gender equality is a core development objective in its own right, and it is also smart economics. Greater gender equality pays off by helping advance a host of development goals, such as improvements in children's health and education and better labor outcomes for adults, at the same time boosting overall economic growth (Morrison, Raju, and Sinha 2007 and World Bank 2011).For example, gender gaps in the Romanian labor market may be harming aggregate productivity due to inefficient use of female potential. ... See More +

Working Paper 126843 JUN 01, 2018

Alidadi,Farima; Buitrago Hernandez,Sandra Paola; Nozaki,Natsuko Kiso; Muller,Miriam Disclosed