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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Sri Lanka Financial Sector Modernization Project - P159303 - Sequence No : 02 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR31394 MAY 13, 2018

Kulathunga,Anoma Disclosed

DisclosableVersionoftheISRSriLankaFinancialSectorModernizationProjectP159303SequenceNo01 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR29008 SEP 11, 2017

Kulathunga,Anoma Disclosed

Bringing E-money to the poor : successes and failures (English)

South Asia plays a key role in the global development arena, with the world’s largest working-age population, a quarter of the world’s middle-class consumers, the world’s greatest number of poor and undernourished people, and several fragile states of global geopolitical importance. ... See More +

Publication 119070 AUG 22, 2017

Riley,Thyra A.; Kulathunga,Anoma Disclosed

Making remittances work : balancing financial integrity and inclusion (English)

The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States exposed the use of remittance channels for financing terrorism. Acting on this, the international community, through the financial action task force (FATF), issued first international standard to require the licensing or registration of money transfer businesses (MTBs) and to make them subject to anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML and CFT) requirements. ... See More +

Publication 88482 MAY 29, 2014

Todoroki, Emiko; Noor, Wameek; Celik, Kuntay; Kulathunga, Anoma Disclosed

Uganda's remittance corridors from United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa : challenges to linking remittances to the use of formal services (English)

The purpose of this study is to gather a broad spectrum of remittance data related to Uganda and the three remittance corridors and compile such information in a comprehensive report with a view to sharing knowledge and expertise. ... See More +

Publication 58012 NOV 11, 2010

Endo, Isaku; Namaaji, Jane; Kulathunga, Anoma Disclosed

Getting finance in South Asia 2010 : indicators and analysis of the commercial banking sector (English)

The recent global financial meltdown was a revelation in one sense. Before the crisis there had been a belief that banks could never fail, a belief that encouraged overleveraging and excessive risk taking. ... See More +

Publication 56294 JUN 21, 2010

Sophastienphong, Kiatchai; Kulathunga, Anoma Disclosed

Getting finance in South Asia 2009 : indicators and analysis of the commercial banking sector (English)

This report, getting finance in South Asia 2009, published annually by the unit, reaffirms the World Bank's commitment to working with developing member countries to promote financial sector development and create financial systems that are sound, stable, supportive of growth, and responsive to people's needs. ... See More +

Publication 45626 AUG 29, 2008

Sophastienphong, Kiatchai; Kulathunga, Anoma Disclosed