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Labor market returns to early childhood stimulation : a 20-year follow-up to the Jamaica study (English)

This brief summarizes the results of a gender impact evaluation study, entitled Labor market returns to early childhood stimulation : a 20-year follow-up to the Jamaica study, conducted during the time period between 1986-1987 in Jamaica. ... See More +

Brief 81389 AUG 14, 2013

Gertler, Paul; Zanolini, Arianna; Pinto, Rodrigo; Heckman, James; Walker, Susan; Vermeersch, Christel; Chang, Susan; Grantham-McGregor, Sally

Labor market returns to early childhood stimulation : a 20-year followup to an experimental intervention in Jamaica (English)

This paper finds large effects on the earnings of participants from a randomized intervention that gave psychosocial stimulation to stunted Jamaican toddlers living in poverty. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6529 JUL 01, 2013

Chang-Lopez, Susan; Gertler,Paul J.; Grantham-Mcgregor,Sally; Heckman,James J.; Pinto,Rodrigo Ribeiro Antunes; Vermeersch,Christel M. J.; Walker, Susan; Zanolini, Arianna

Evaluation and poverty reduction (English)

Foreword by James D. Wolfensohn. Welcome addresses by Jan Piercy, and Elizabeth McAllister. Synthesis and overview by Osvaldo Feinstein, and Detlev Puetz. ... See More +

Publication 43623 JAN 01, 2001

Wolfensohn, James D.; Piercy, Jan; McAllister, Elizabeth; Feinstein, Osvaldo; Puetz, Detlev; Dasgupta, Partha; Stiglitz, Joseph; Thomas, Vinod; Evans, Alison;; Mensah, Moise; Dabelstein, Niels; Ezemenari, Kene; Rudqvist, Anders; Subbarao, Kalanidhi; Cook, Thomas; Heckman, James; Marchant, Timothy; Gavian, Sarah;; Eriksson, John; Weiss, Carol H.; Jackson, Edward T.; Stame, Nicoletta; Sartorius, Rolf; Marsden, David; Thorbecke, Erik; Gerster, Richard; Shepherd, Andrew;; Damiani, Octavio; Cohen, Monique; Malhotra, Mohini; Braun, Joachim von; Bishay, Mona; Malik, Sohail J.; Tendler, Judith; Carvalho, Soniya; Lustig, Nora;; Legovini, Arianna; Gaiha, Raghav; Stout, Susan; Goodman, Margaret; Stewart, Frances; Haddad, Lawrence; Kaufmann, Daniel; Shah, Anwar; Titsworth, Jack;; Girishankar, Navin; Zaki, El Sayed; Ahrned, Salehuddin; Rafi, Mohammad; Fiszbein, Ariel; Figueroa, Adolfo; Fernandes, Aloysius; Stewart, Frances; Kanbur, Ravi;; Braun, Joachim von; Lustig, Nora; Picciotto, Robert;