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An integrated framework for jobs in fragile and conflict situations (English)

Jobs are a high priority for development and stability in fragile and conflict-affected situations. Jobs contribute to poverty reduction, productivity and economic growth, and can promote social cohesion and reduce the risk of violence. ... See More +

Working Paper 108777 JAN 01, 2016

Von Der Goltz,Jan; Hallward-Driemeier,Mary C.; Piffaretti,Nadia Fernanda; Rutkowski,Michal J.; Jha,Saroj Kumar Disclosed

Information note : the World Bank's harmonized list of fragile situations (English)

The World Bank's fragile, conflict, and violence group (formally the center on conflict, security, and development (CCSD)) annually releases the harmonized list of fragile situations. ... See More +

Working Paper 89275 JAN 01, 2014

Piffaretti, Nadia; Ralston, Laura; Shaikh, Khadija Disclosed

An institutional approach to balancing international monetary relations : the case for a US-China settlement facility (English)

Management of international monetary relations between China and the United States will be one of the crucial parameters for the stability or instability of the global financial system in the next decade. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5188 JAN 01, 2010

Piffaretti, Nadia F.; Rossi, Sergio Disclosed

Reshaping the international monetary architecture : lessons from Keynes' plan (English)

As the global economy undergoes profound changes, it is becoming apparent that the so-called "Revived Bretton Woods System" has increased the overall vulnerability of the global financial architecture. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5034 AUG 01, 2009

Piffaretti, Nadia F. Disclosed