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Information and communications in the Chinese countryside : a study of three provinces (English)

Improving access to information and communications technology (ICT) and related services in the countryside, or rural informatization, is a long-standing Chinese policy objective. ... See More +

Publication 87600 APR 22, 2014

Minges, Michael; Kimura, Kaoru; Beschorner, Natasha; Davies, Robert; Zhang, Guangqin Disclosed

The little data book on information and communication technology 2011 (English)

Since the late 1990s access to information and communication technologies has seen tremendous growth, driven primarily by the wireless technologies and liberalization of telecommunications markets. ... See More +

World Development Indicators 63570 JUN 01, 2011

Kimura, Kaoru; Priftis, Marta; Zhenwei Qiang, Christine; Yang, Helen Disclosed

Rural informatization in China (English)

China's recent economic growth has expanded industrialization and urbanization, upgraded consumption, increased social mobility, and initiated a shift from an economy based on agriculture to one based on industry and services. ... See More +

Publication 49320 JUL 01, 2009

Zhen-Wei Qiang, Christine; Bhavnani, Asheeta; Hanna, Nagy K.; Kimura, Kaoru; Sudan, Randeep Disclosed

Connecting Sub-Saharan Africa : a strategy for ICT sector development (English)

This brief focuses on by 2005, despite preliminary reforms, Sub-Saharan Africa still lagged behind other regions in the development of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and services. ... See More +

Brief 69023 JUL 01, 2008

Ampah, Mavis; Kimura, Kaoru Disclosed