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Establishing scaled-up crediting program baselines under the Paris Agreement : issues and options (English)

This technical note offers guidance and identifies options for developing baselines for scaled-up crediting programs under the Paris Agreement. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 121265 NOV 01, 2017

Klein, Noemie; Broekhoff, Derik; Fussler,Jurg Stephan; Platonova-Oquab,Alexandrina; Besley,Daniel James; Oppermann,Klaus; Schneider, Lambert; Spalding-Fecher,Dennis Randall; Gadde,Harikumar; Tao,Nuyi Disclosed

State and trends of carbon pricing 2017 (English)

Carbon pricing plays an important role in tackling climate change as it requires the cost of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to be considered in financial decisions. ... See More +

Working Paper 120810 NOV 01, 2017

Zechter,Richard H.; Kossoy,Alexandre; Oppermann,Klaus; Ramstein,Celine Sarah Marie; Klein,Noemie; Wong,Lindee; Lam,Long Khanh; Zhang,Jialiang; Quant,Maurice; Neelis,Maarten; Nierop,Sam; Ward,John; Kansy,Thomas; Evans,Stuart; Child,Alex Disclosed

A Standardized Crediting Framework for Scaling Up Energy Access Programs (English)

The Carbon Initiative for Development (Ci-Dev) has developed a new simplified approach to crediting emissions reductions. The Standardized Crediting Framework (SCF) improves transparency of the national carbon crediting, reduces transaction costs, and potentially unlocks climate finance for the country. ... See More +

Working Paper 134096 JAN 01, 2016

Gadde,Harikumar; Oppermann,Klaus; Biaou,Affouda Leon Disclosed

State and trends of carbon pricing 2015 (English)

With the countdown on to the Paris climate change conference, there is clear evidence of growing momentum to put a price on carbon. The growth of carbon pricing around the world has been substantial. ... See More +

Publication 99533 SEP 20, 2015

Kossoy,Alexandre; Peszko,Grzegorz; Oppermann,Klaus; Prytz,Nicolai; Klein, Noemie; Blok, Kornelis; Lam, Long; Wong, Lindee; Borkent, Bram Disclosed

Carbon pricing watch 2015 : an advance brief from the state and trends of carbon pricing 2015 report, to be released late 2015 (English)

Significant progress in carbon pricing has been made over the last ten years. In 2015, about 40 national and over 20 subnational jurisdictions, representing almost a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), are putting a price on carbon. ... See More +

Working Paper 96602 MAY 26, 2015

Kossoy,Alexandre; Peszko,Grzegorz; Oppermann,Klaus; Prytz,Nicolai; Gilbert, Alyssa; Klein, Noemie; Lam, Long; Wong, Lindee Disclosed

CDM reform : improving the efficiency and outreach of the clean development mechanism through standardization (English)

The scope of the present study focuses on the assessment of opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the clean development mechanism (CDM) through the enhanced use of standardization. ... See More +

Working Paper 76564 MAY 01, 2012

Platonova-Oquab, Alexandrina; Spors, Felicity; Gadde, Harikumar; Godin, Julie; Oppermann, Klaus; Bosi, Martina Disclosed