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Uganda Economic Update, 13th Edition : Economic Development and Human Capital in Uganda - A Case for Investing More in Education (English)

The World Bank’s analysis of cross-country data on human capital indicates that Uganda is underinvesting in the future productivity of its citizens. ... See More +

Working Paper 137222 MAY 29, 2019

Walker,Richard Ancrum; Stucka,Tihomir; Ezzine,Mourad; Vasiliev,Kirill; Sebudde,Rachel K.; Juzon,Joanna Dorota; Bagarukayo,Diana Rita Nantaba Sekaggya; Chugunov,Dmitry; De Andrade Falcao,Natasha Disclosed

Uganda Economic Update, 12th Edition : Developing the Agri-Food System for Inclusive Economic Growth (English)

Real GDP growth rebounded strongly to 6.1 percent in FY17/18, from 3.9 percent the previous year. The rebound was largely driven by a pick-up in investments and exports, and on the back of strengthened credit to the private sector and good weather. ... See More +

Working Paper 132140 NOV 01, 2018

Walker,Richard Ancrum; Stucka,Tihomir; Mikulcak,Friederike; Sebudde,Rachel K. Disclosed

Uganda economic update, 11th edition : financing growth and development - options for raising more domestic revenues (English)

Uganda's fiscal policy has remained mainly expenditure driven, with domestic revenue continuing to lag. This has resulted in a widening financing gap. ... See More +

Working Paper 126184 MAY 01, 2018

Sebudde,Rachel K.; Kajubi,Moses Misach; Stucka,Tihomir; Mawejje,Joseph; Walker,Richard Ancrum Disclosed

Uganda economic update : tenth edition – accelerating Uganda's development : ending child marriage, educating girls (English)

Following decades of sustained economic growth during which Uganda made dramatic progresstowards poverty reduction, the country has recently experienced a period of economic growthslow down. ... See More +

Working Paper 121848 DEC 01, 2017

Sebudde,Rachel K.; Wodon,Quentin T.; Mawejje,Joseph Disclosed

Uganda economic update - ninth edition : Infrastructure finance deficit : can public-private partnerships fill the gap? (English)

As a result of a number of internal and external shocks, Uganda's economy is currently growing at the lowest rate recorded over the past two decades. ... See More +

Working Paper 117760 JUL 01, 2017

Sebudde,Rachel K.; Shukla,Shyamala; Goffe,Valeriya; Sterwart,Fiona; Mawejje,Joseph; Olobo,Christopher; Okumu,Ibrahim; Kilimani,Nick Disclosed

Step by step : let’s solve the finance puzzle to accelerate growth and shared prosperity (English)

The negative GDP growth rate recorded in the first quarter of FY 2016/17 is indicative of the recent difficulties that Uganda has faced in achieving the rates of growth required to enable the country to fulfill its aspirations. ... See More +

Working Paper 112621 JAN 01, 2017

Sebudde,Rachel K.; Goffe,Valeriya; Daka,Dorothy; Safavian,Mehnaz S. Disclosed

Reducing old age and economic vulnerabilities : why Uganda should improve its pension system (English)

This is the fourth edition of the Uganda Economic Update series. As with previous editions, this update first provides information related to the current state of the economy before focusing on a particular subject of importance. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 88683 JUN 01, 2014

Sebudde, Rachel K.; Stewart, Fiona; Eberhard, Andreas; Morisset, Jacques; Dall'Olio, Andrea Mario; Borg, Asger H.; Coll-Black, Sarah; Magezi, Barbara; Kibirige, Moses; Bronchi, Chiara; Nguessa Nganou, Jean-Pascal Disclosed

Are you being served? : do more districts mean better service in Uganda? (English)

This is the third edition of the Uganda Economic Update series. The first part of this update provides a general overview on the state of Uganda's economy. ... See More +

Economic Updates and Modeling 88465 MAR 01, 2014

Dobronogov, Anton;Dobronogov,Anton; Keefer, Philip;Keefer,Philip E.; Morisset, Jacques;Morisset,Jacques; Ranaweera, Thilakaratna;Ranaweera,Thilakaratna; Sebudde, Rachel;Sebudde,Rachel K.; Wane, Waly;Wane,Waly; White, Roland;White,Roland Disclosed