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The World Bank economic review 9(3) (English)

The Soviet economic decline. William Easterly and Stanley Fischer Contingent valuation and actual behavior: predicting connections to new water systems in the State of Kerala, India. ... See More +

Publication 15176 SEP 30, 1995

Easterly, William; Fischer, Stanley; Griffin, Charles C.; Briscoe, John; Singh, Bhanwar; Ramasubban, Radhika; Bhatia, Ramesh; Cukierman, Alex; Webb, Steven B.; de Melo, Martha; Ofer, Gur; Sander, Olga; Velenchik, Ann D.; Birdsall, Nancy; Ross, David; Sabot, Richard; Ranis, Gustav

The political economy of formal sector pay and employment in developing countries (English)

Domestic labor market outcomes influence the direction and magnitude of the flow of international migration. When wages are low and jobs are scarce, workers tend to migrate to environments where jobs are available at higher wages. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1435 MAR 31, 1995

Banerji, Arup; Campos, J. Edgardo; Sabot, Richard H.

Education, productivity, and inequality : the East African natural experiment (English)

This book is designed to address two underlying questions. To what degree is education a good investment that increases labor productivity and contributes to economic growth? ... See More +

Publication 8985 JUL 31, 1990

Knight, John B.; Sabot, Richard H.

Lewis through a looking glass : public sector employment, rent-seeking, and economic growth (English)

This paper argues that the labor transfer process outlined by the Lewis model (1954) can give rise to surplus labour - in the sense than the marginal product of labour is less that the wage - in the public part of the modern sector and that this may deprive the modern sector of its dynamism. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS133 NOV 30, 1988

Gelb, Alan; Sabot, Richard H.; Knight, John B.

Overview of educational expansion, productivity and inequality : a comparative analysis of the East African natural experiment (English)

An overview is provided of a research project comparing the restrictive policy for secondary education in Tanzania with the more expansionist policy in Kenya. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) EDT48 DEC 31, 1986

Knight, J. B; Sabot, Richard H

A simulation alternative to the comparative R2 approach to decomposing inequality (English)

This paper argues that the comparative R2 procedure is often less satisfactory for decomposing inequality than is simulation with the estimated "true" relation determining the distribution of interest. ... See More +

Journal Article REP380 AUG 31, 1983

Behrman, Jere R.; Knight, John B.; Sabot, Richard H. Disclosed

The public-private wage differential in a poor urban economy : The public / private wage differential in a poor urban economy (English)

The occupational structure of wages is generally more compressed in high than in low income countries. The role of non-market forces in determining the structure of wages is of interest for reasons of allocative efficiency as well as for distributional concerns. ... See More +

Journal Article REP261 JAN 31, 1983

Lindauer, D.; Sabot, R. Disclosed

Labor market performance in developing countries - a survey (English)

The social efficiency of labor markets in developing countries in the allocation of the supply of labor time and skills is assessed. Conventionally, open urban unemployment and disguised unemployment in agriculture have been considered symptoms of the poor performance, but the survey indicates that this relationship is not a casual one. ... See More +

Journal Article REP85 JAN 31, 1978

Berry, A.; Sabot, R. Disclosed