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A comment on "Growth and equity in developing countries : a reinterpretation of the Sri Lankan experience" (English)

The inaugural issue of this journal contained an article entitled "Growth and equity in developing countries: a reinterpretation of the Sri Lankan experience", which addressed some problems that arise in attempting to assess the relative success or failure of policies in different countries or policy regimes. ... See More +

Journal Article 14170 MAY 31, 1987

Pyatt, Graham; Isenman, Paul; Glewwe, Paul; Bhalla, Surjit

The World Bank economic review 1(3) (English)

Public debt guarantees and private capital flight. Effects of restraining steel exports from the Republic of Korea and other countries to the United States and the European Economic Community. ... See More +

Publication 17558 MAY 31, 1987

Eaton, Jonathan; Tarr, David G.; Pinto, Brian; Devarajan, Shantayanan; Melo, Jaime de; Bevan, D. L.; Collier, P.; Gunning, J. W.; Pyatt, Graham; Isenman, Paul; Glewwe, Paul; Bhalla, Surjit

An approach to macroeconomic model building based on social accounting principles (English)

The paper sets out, using the example of a small comparative static model of Thailand for 1980, an approach to macro-economic model building which is based on having two versions of a social accounting matrix (SAM), one version contains data for a base year, while the cell entries for the other are algebraic expressions for the determination of the corresponding transaction values. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper DRD150 OCT 01, 1985

Drud, Arne; Grais, Wafik; Pyatt, Graham Disclosed

Social accounting matrices : a basis for planning (English)

The established technique for capturing the details of disaggregated national accounts is the social accounting matrix, or SAM, in which data are displayed in single-entry matrix format, rather than in the traditional form of double-entry bookkeeping. ... See More +

Publication 9950 SEP 30, 1985

Pyatt, Graham; Round, Jeffery I. [editors]

Improving the macroeconomic data base : a SAM for Malaysia, 1970 (English)

The SAM for Malaysia addresses a number of conceptual issues and their practical solution which do not seem to have been treated elsewhere. This SAM is a large one, with a level of detail more nearly that at which national accounts are typically compiled, rather than the more aggregated formats which are often adopted as a basis for macro models or analysis. ... See More +

Staff Working Paper SWP646 MAY 31, 1984

Pyatt, Graham; Round, Jeffery; Denes, Jane; DRD

Inertia in employment (English)

This paper is concerned with the micro-economic foundations of employment determination at an elementary level and, in particular, with an explanation as to why employment may be insensitive to changes in product market demand. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper DRD73 FEB 01, 1984

Pyatt, Graham Disclosed

The transaction values approach to the formulation and implementation of economywide equilibrium models (English)

The paper presents a new approach for the formulation and implementation of economywide models. The approach uses extensively Social Accounting Matrices (SAM). ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper DRD62 OCT 01, 1983

Drud, A; Grais, W; Pyatt, G Disclosed

The distribution of income by factor components (English)

This paper furthers the discussion of income inequality decomposition by focusing attention on the problems which arise in this context when available data are restricted to the distribution of factor incomes between groups of families defined by their total income level. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper DRD29 FEB 03, 1979

Pyatt, Graham; Chen, Chau-nan; Fei, John Disclosed

Marginal costs, prices, and storage (English)

A mathematical analysis of the general priciples of production scheduling and pricing when a storage capability exists demonstrates that such a capability results in a restriction on the rate at which output increases over time. ... See More +

Journal Article REP89 DEC 31, 1978

Pyatt, Graham Disclosed