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Benin - Implementation of AML/CFT for Benin : P122775 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 02 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR12281 APR 01, 2014

Pereira Goncalves,Marilyne

Burkina Faso - IDF Burkina Faso Implementing AML/CFT : P130791 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 01 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR10610 AUG 15, 2013

Pereira Goncalves,Marilyne

Justice for forests : improving criminal justice efforts to combat illegal logging (English)

Every two seconds, across the world, an area of forest the size of a football field is clear-cut by illegal loggers. In some countries, up to 90 percent of all the logging taking place is illegal. ... See More +

Publication 67619 MAR 14, 2012

Goncalves, Marilyne Pereira; Panjer, Melissa; Greenberg, Theodore S.; Magrath, William B. Disclosed

Financial services and trade agreements in Latin America and the Caribbean : an overview (English)

The authors review the international framework governing trade in financial services, describe the treatment of financial services in recent trade agreements involving Latin America and Caribbean countries, and analyze the liberalization commitments made in three selected country case studies-Chile, Colombia, and Costa Rica. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4181 APR 01, 2007

Goncalves, Marilyne Pereira; Stephanou, Constantinos Disclosed