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Measures of fixed capital in agriculture (English)

Capital is a fundamental component of agricultural production, and the accumulation of capital is key to growth in agriculture and the process of development. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5472 NOV 01, 2010

Butzer, Rita; Mundlak, Yair; Larson, Donald F. Disclosed

Heterogeneous technology and panel data : the case of the agricultural production function (English)

The paper presents empirical analysis of a panel of countries to estimate an agricultural production function using a measure of capital in agriculture absent from most studies. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4536 FEB 01, 2008

Mundlak, Yair; Butzer, Rita; Larson, Donald F. Disclosed

Intersectoral migration in Southeast Asia - evidence from Indonesia, Thailan, and the Philippines (English)

Using time series data spanning three decades, the authors examine the determinants of sectoral migration in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2949 JAN 31, 2003

Butzer,Rita; Mundlak,Yair; Larson, Donald F.

The World Bank economic review 14 (2) (English)

Understanding patterns of economic growth: searching for hills among plateaus, mountains, and plains, by Lant Pritchett. Macroeconomic fluctuations in developing countries: some stylized facts, by Pierre-Richard Agenor, C. ... See More +

Publication 20954 MAY 31, 2000

Pritchett, Lant; Agenor, Pierre-Richard; McDermott, C. John; Prasad, Eswar S.; Demirguc-Kunt, Asli; Detragiache, Enrica; Semenick Alam, Ila M.; Morrison, Andrew R.; Ravallion, Martin; Ray, Ranjan; Larson, Donald F.; Butzer, Rita; Mundlak, Yair; Crego, Al

A new database on investment and capital for agriculture and manufacturing (English)

In this paper, the authors document a new database on sectoral investment and capital, providing details about sources of investment data and the method used to convert those data series into capital stock series. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS2013 NOV 30, 1998

Crego, Al; Larson, Donald; Butzer,Rita; Mundlak,Yair

The determinants of agricultural production : a cross-country analysis (English)

In this analysis of capital's role in agricultural production, a new construction of data on capital allowed the authors to advance the cross-country study of production functions. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1827 SEP 30, 1997

Mundlak,Yair; Larson,Donald F.; Butzer, Ritz

Agricultural development : issues, evidence, and consequences (English)

A comprehensive examination of data from many countries shows that in 1967-92, eighty-one percent of the world's population lived in countries where agricultural growth exceeded population growth. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1811 AUG 31, 1997

Mundlak,Yair; Larson, Donald F.; Crego, Al

On the intersectoral migration of agricultural labor (English)

Labor is the single most important factor in determining national income. As economies grow, agricultural labor declines as a share of total labor and converges to a level of 2 or 3 percent. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1425 FEB 28, 1995

Larson, Donald; Mundlak,Yair

The World Bank economic review 6(3) (English)

Measuring the independence of central banks and its effect on policy outcomes. On the transmission of world agricultural prices. How small enterprises in Ghana have responded to adjustment. ... See More +

Publication 17602 SEP 30, 1992

Cukierman, Alex; Webb, Steven B.; Neyapti, Bilin; Mundlak, Yair; Larson, Donald F.; Steel, William F.; Webster, Leila M.; Liviatan, Nissan; O'Connell, Stephen A.; Levy, Santiago; Wijnbergen, Sweder van; Claessens, Stijn; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus; Corsetti, Giancarlo

On the relevance of world agricultural prices (English)

This report is part of an attempt to model the global markets for primary commodities and to use these models for forecasting purposes as well as for policy analysis. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS383 MAR 31, 1990

Mundlak,Yair; Larson, Donald F.

The World Bank economic review 4(1) (English)

Do African countries pay more for imports? - Yes. Investment incentives: new money, debt relief, and the critical role of conditionality in the debt crisis. ... See More +

Publication 17593 JAN 31, 1990

Yeats, Alexander J.; Claessens, Stijn; Diwan, Ishac; Cohen, Daniel; Mundlak, Yair; Cavallo, Domingo; Domenech, Roberto; Mintz, Jack M.; Pursell, Garry