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Afghanistan economic update (English)

One year into the transition process, Afghanistan sustains robust economic growth. An exceptional harvest, supported by the launch of first large-scale mining activities, increased real gross domestic product (GDP) growth from 7.3 percent to an estimated 11.8 percent in 2012. ... See More +

Working Paper 77083 APR 01, 2013

Nassif, Claudia; Joya, Omar

Afghanistan in transition : looking beyond 2014 (English)

Afghanistan will experience a major security and development transition over the next three years. At the Kabul and Lisbon Conferences in 2010, the North Atlantic treaty organization and the Afghan government agreed that full responsibility for security would be handed over to the Afghan National Security Forces by the end of 2014. ... See More +

Publication 75848 FEB 28, 2013

Nassif, Claudia; Osorio, Camilo Gomez; Byrd, William; Hogg, Richard; Beath, Andrew

Afghanistan economic update (English)

Afghanistan is in a state of transition which involves the handover of security responsibilities from international forces to the Afghan government. ... See More +

Working Paper 73447 OCT 01, 2012

Nassif, Claudia

Breaking the barriers to higher economic growth : better governance and deeper reforms in the Middle East and North Africa (English)

Contents of the report are as follows: Long-term economic development: challenges and prospects for the Arab countries by Mustapha K. Nabli. Reform complementarities and economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa by Mustapha Kamel Nabli, and Marie-Ange Veganzones-Varoudakis. ... See More +

Publication 43969 JAN 01, 2007

Nabli, Mustapha K.; Veganzones-Varoudakis, Marie-Ange; Silva-Jauregui, Carlos; Keller, Jennifer; Nassif, Claudia; Silva-Jauregui, Carlos, Silva-Jauregui;; Agenor, Pierre-Richard; Yousef, Tarik; Tarp Jensen, Henning; Diwan, Ishac; Coulibaly, Adama; de Silva, Sara Johansson; Iqbal, Farrukh; Dasgupta, Dipak;; Pissarides, Christopher; Varoudakis, Aristomene; Aysan, Ahmet Faruk;