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Handshake : IFC's quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (16) (English)

The latest issue of Handshake, focused on public-private partnerships in the Innovation. “An age of constant invention naturally begets one of constant failure,”the New York Times Magazine declared in a recent story called “Welcometo the Failure Age.” ... See More +

Newsletter 105728 JUN 01, 2015

Oliveira,Tanya Scobie; Buckholtz,Alison; Delay,Jeanine; Adams Kotsch,Victoria; Haldea,Gajendra; Kim,Kang-Soo; Rial,Isabel; Youssef,Waleed Ahmed; Abadie,Richard; Bloomgarden,David; Crespo Diu,Fernando; Dachs,William Michael; Delmon,Jeff; Hawkesworth,Ian Halvdan Ross; Hernandez,Mateu; Hoornweg,Dan; Keele,Geoff; Kjorstad,John; Maier,Thomas; Monteiro,Rui; Puentes,Robert; Schoemaker,Paul J. H.; Schur,Michael; Walji,Aleem Disclosed

Handshake : IFC's quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (6) (English)

Air and sea transport power the global economy. Since the vast majority of trade is physical, it must travel by plane or ship to reach its market. ... See More +

Newsletter 70964 JUN 01, 2012

Aaronson, Robert; Baker,Georgina E.; Boyce,Christopher; Buckholtz, Alison [editor]; Crothers,John D.; Cuttaree,Vickram; Delmon,Jeffrey John; Delmon,Victoria Hilda Rigby; Downs,Katherine; Jett,Alexander Nicholas; Juhel,Marc H.; Julian,Bradley Christopher; King-Sackie, Decontee T.; Kjorstad, John; Kruk, C. Bert; Kurdyla,Michael; Morley,James; Oliveira, Tanya Scobie [editor]; Ricover, Andy; Samuel,Steven Brian; Schlumberger,Charles E.; Schwartz,Jordan Z.; Warren,Heidi Stensland; Youssef,Waleed Ahmed Disclosed