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Future of Food : Maximizing Finance for Development in Agricultural Value Chains : Future of food : maximizing finance for development in agricultural value chains (English)

Current levels of investment in agricultural value chains are insufficient to achieve key development goals including ending poverty and hunger, boosting shared prosperity through more and better jobs, and better stewarding the world’s natural resources by 2030. ... See More +

Working Paper 125295 APR 01, 2018

Townsend,Robert; Ronchi,Loraine; Brett,Christopher Ian; Moses,Eugene Disclosed

Increasing Agribusiness Growth in Bhutan (English)

The policy note assesses Bhutan's agribusiness sector and recommends steps the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) might consider to increase the sector's growth. ... See More +

Policy Note 120138 SEP 01, 2017

Keturakis,Ed; Dawes,Winston; Jones,Maria Ruth; Lapres,Blair Edward; Ronchi,Loraine; Santini,Massimiliano Disclosed

Future of food : shaping the global food system to deliver improved nutrition and health (English)

Despite significant progress the world continues to bear a triple burden of malnutrition. These three burdens are related, but distinctly different, problems: energy deficiencies (hunger), micronutrient deficiencies (hidden hunger), 3 and excessive net energy intake and unhealthy diets overweight/obesity). ... See More +

Working Paper 104757 APR 01, 2016

Townsend,Robert; Jaffee,Steven M.; Hoberg,Yurie Tanimichi; Htenas,Aira Maria; Shekar,Meera; Hyder,Ziauddin; Gautam,Madhur; Kray,Holger A.; Ronchi,Loraine; Hussain,Sarwat; Elder,Leslie K.; Moses,Eugene Disclosed

Costs and benefits of land fragmentation : evidence from Rwanda (English)

This paper disentangles different aspects of land fragmentation and its impact on the efficiency of resource use. The paper uses information on the incidence of crop shocks to assess whether fragmentation provides benefits in reducing risk and parcel coordinates and terrain-adjusted travel times between parcels to more precisely account for the associated costs in 2010/11 data from Rwanda. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7290 JUN 03, 2015

Ali,Daniel Ayalew; Deininger,Klaus W.; Ronchi,Loraine Disclosed

Contract farming (English)

Contract farming involves production by farmers under agreement with buyers for their outputs. This arrangement can help integrate small-scale farmers into modern agricultural value chains, providing them with inputs, technical assistance, and assured markets. ... See More +

Viewpoint 102736 OCT 01, 2014

Minot, Nicholas; Ronchi,Loraine Disclosed

Food safety standards : economic and market impacts in developing countries (English)

Compliance with public and private food safety standards has been the subject of increasing attention. Much of the literature on impacts of food safety regulation in developed countries focuses on public health. ... See More +

Viewpoint 107910 JUL 01, 2014

Unnevehr,Laurian J.; Ronchi,Loraine Disclosed

An analytical toolkit for support to contract farming (English)

Over the past century or so, a wide assortment of pre-harvest agreements, joint ventures, deals, and pledges that can be termed contract farming have been brokered between farmers and buyers. ... See More +

Working Paper 88181 MAY 01, 2014

Dixie,Grahame; Jaeger,Peter Martin Lind; Jonasova,Marketa; Ronchi,Loraine; Sergeant,Andrew Thomas H.; Yap,Justin Disclosed

How land tenure regularization can contribute to agricultural growth in Rwanda (English)

After remarkable social and economic reconstruction since 1994, Rwanda aspires to become a middle income country by 2020 with a strong focus on inclusive growth. ... See More +

Brief 73155 OCT 02, 2012

Ali, Daniel Ayalew; Deininger, Klaus; Duponchel, Marguerite; Ronchi, Loraine Disclosed

Seeds for higher growth (English)

The current edition of the Rwanda economic update is titled seeds for higher growth and specially features the agriculture sector. The importance of agriculture's contribution to growth in Rwanda remains considerable, despite the emergence of other significant growth drivers, such as services. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 63257 APR 01, 2011

Hansl, Birgit; Niyibizi, Peace Aimee; Ronchi, Loraine; Mwumvaneza, Valens Disclosed

Fairtrade and market failures in agricultural commodity markets (English)

This paper concerns an NGO intervention in agricultural commodity markets known as Fairtrade. Fairtrade pays producers a minimum unit price and provides capacity building support to member cooperative organizations. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4011 SEP 01, 2006

Ronchi, Loraine Disclosed