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Tanzania DTIS 2017 (English)

The Tanzania Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2017 identifies priority actions in support of the country's strategy to deliver broad-based growth through trade integration. ... See More +

Report 127556 JUN 22, 2018

Maennling, Nicolas; Kirk,Robert; Hartmann,Olivier; Kweka,Josaphat Paul; Wayne,Scott; Antoci,Monica Alina; Mutagwaba, Willison; Maliszewska,Maryla; Lyimo,Bede Philip; Soprano,Carmine; Keyser,John C.; Hoffman,Barak Daniel; Arenas,Guillermo Carlos; Mann,Shaun Disclosed

Women and trade in Africa : realizing the potential (English)

Regional trade in Africa can play a vital role in diversifying economies and reducing dependence on the export of a few mineral products, in delivering food and energy security, in generating jobs for the increasing numbers of young people, and in alleviating poverty and promoting a shared prosperity. ... See More +

Working Paper 82520 JAN 01, 2013

Brenton, Paul; Gamberoni, Elisa; Sear, Catherine; Mora, Maria Elena Garcia; Roshan, Sabrina; Ndumbe, Louis Njie; Ityavyar, Susan D.; Baffes, John; Maratou-Kolias, Laura; Coste, Antoine; Dihel, Nora; Christian,, Michelle; Reis, Jose Guilherme; Bossuroy, Thomas; Campos, Francisco; Coville, Aidan; Goldstein, Markus; Roberts, Gareth; Sequeira, Sandra; Kweka, Josaphat; Haji, Mahjabeen Disclosed

Light manufacturing in Tanzania : a reform agenda for job creation and prosperity (English)

The chapters in part one provides the overall context of light manufacturing in Tanzania. Chapter one presents the rationale for the study, the potential of the sector in creating jobs and prosperity for Africa, and the approach and methodology of the study. ... See More +

Publication 80893 JAN 01, 2013

Dinh, Hinh T.; Monga, Celestin; Morisset, Jacques; Kweka, Josaphat; Yagci, Fahrettin; Yoshino, Yutaka Disclosed

Addressing standards management challenges from a strategic trade perspective (English)

Export diversification and expansion is an integral part of the Government of Tanzania's trade and competitiveness strategy. Nontraditional agricultural exports, notably in fish and horticulture products, have exhibited strong growth in the last decade. ... See More +

Brief 71295 MAY 01, 2012

Kweka, Josaphat; Zacchia, Paolo; Mehta, Elizabeth Disclosed

The household enterprise sector in Tanzania : why it matters and who cares (English)

The household enterprise sector has a significant role in the Tanzanian economy. It employs a larger share of the urban labor force than wage employment, and is increasingly seen as an alternative to agriculture as a source of additional income for rural and urban households. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5882 NOV 01, 2011

Kweka, Josaphat; Fox, Louise Disclosed

Institutional best practices for special economic zones : an application to Tanzania (English)

This note provides analysis concerning the institutional framework under which the zones program is developed and administered in Tanzania. It examines various institutional and administrative structures for managing an Special Economic Zone (SEZ) program, focusing on the alternative approaches taken in different SEZ programs around the world and highlighting both good practices and those that have been less successful, and drawing lessons for Tanzania, which will also be of relevance for other countries in Africa. ... See More +

Brief 64483 AUG 01, 2011

Farole, Tom; Kweka, Josaphat Disclosed

A comparative analysis of firm based training in East African manufacturing sector : does level of education matter? (English)

Using World Bank's (2003) firm-level Investment Climate Survey (ICS) data for Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, this paper examines extent in which education and skill levels are important determinants of Firm-based Training (FBT) in the East African manufacturing sector. ... See More +

Investment Climate Assessment (ICA) 43052 MAY 15, 2006

Kweka , Josaphat Disclosed