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Health in Africa initiative and its impact on women-owned private health enterprises in Ghana (English)

The World Bank Group in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, established the Health in Africa (HIA) Initiative in 2008. Its mission is to catalyze sustained improvements among the poor in Africa by increasing access to quality private sector health-related goods and services as well as to provide financial protection against the impoverishing effects of illness. ... See More +

Brief 108032 MAY 01, 2016

Seddoh,Anthony Theophilus; Islam,Syed Estem Dadul; Olayo,Bernard O.; Rogo,Khama Odera Disclosed

An impact assessment of the BICF regulatory reform core group training program (English)

Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (BICF) provides advisory services aimed at improving business operating environment in Bangladesh. BICF is managed by IFC, in partnership with the UK Government and the European Union. ... See More +

Working Paper 116560 JUL 08, 2014

Islam,Syed Estem Dadul; Bacale,Wayne Amago Disclosed

Harnessing competitiveness for stronger inclusive growth : Bangladesh second investment climate assessment (English)

Bangladesh has recorded impressive economic and social gains since the 1990s. Recent growth has been at levels close to six percent. The country has doubled per capita growth and taken large strides toward reaching many Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), ahead of many comparable countries. ... See More +

Investment Climate Assessment (ICA) 56635 OCT 01, 2008

Alam,G. M. Khurshid; Fernandes,Ana Margarida; Hye,Syed Abul Kamal Md Abdul; Islam,Syed Estem Dadul; Nenova,Tatiana; Rahman,Aneeka; Shilpi,Forhad J.; Sur,Mona Disclosed