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Martha D. Pierola Castro


MARTHA DENISSE PIEROLA is an Economist in the Trade and International Integration Unit of the Development Research Group of the World Bank. She has published several papers on export growth and exporter dynamics and co-created the Exporter Dynamics Database –the first-ever global database on exporter growth and dynamics, based on firm-level export data. Her current research studies the role of large exporters in driving trade patterns and export growth; and examines how exporter behavior varies with the stage of development. She is currently leading a World Bank study on trade, competitiveness and regional integration in Zimbabwe.

She has worked on issues related to regionalism, trade costs and trade and productivity. Before joining the World Bank, she worked as an economist for the Peruvian Government (INDECOPI) and also consulted for the private sector and other international organizations. She has a PhD in economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland and a Master of International Law and Economics from the World Trade Institute in Bern, Switzerland.

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Export superstars (English)

This paper shows that the top 1 percent of exporters critically shape trade patterns, using firm-level data from 32 countries. In particular, variation in average firm size (the intensive margin) explains over two thirds of the variation in the sector distribution of exports across countries, the remaining share is explained by variation in the number of firms (the extensive margin). ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6222 OCT 01, 2012

Pierola, Martha Denisse; Freund, Caroline

Exporter dynamics database (English)

This paper introduces the Exporter Dynamics Database. The database includes exporter characteristics and measures of exporter growth based on firm-level customs information from 38 developing and seven developed countries, primarily for the period between 2003 and 2010. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6229 OCT 01, 2012

Fernandes, Ana M.; Cebeci, Tolga; Pierola, Martha Denisse; Freund, Caroline

Pathways to African export sustainability (English)

This report provides tentative leads toward such policy prescriptions, based on an overview of the empirical evidence. Chapter one sets the stage by putting Africa's export-survival performance into perspective and proposing a framework that will guide the interpretation of empirical evidence throughout the report. ... See More +

Publication 70910 JUL 02, 2012

Cadot, Olivier; Pierola, Martha Denisse; Brenton, Paul

Success and failure of African exporters (English)

Using a novel dataset with transactions level exports data from four African countries (Malawi, Mali, Senegal and Tanzania), this paper uncovers evidence of a high degree of experimentation at the extensive margin associated with low survival rates, consistent with high and middle income country evidence. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5657 MAY 01, 2011

Rauch, Ferdinand; Pierola Castro,Martha D.; Cadot, Olivier; Iacovone, Leonardo

Export entrepreneurs : evidence from Peru (English)

This paper examines firm entry and survival in exporting, and in products and markets not previously served by any domestic exporters. The authors use data on the nontraditional agriculture sector in Peru, which grew seven-fold from 1994 to 2007. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5407 AUG 01, 2010

Pierola, Martha Denisse; Freund, Caroline

Export surges : the oower of a competitive currency : Export surges : the power of a competitive currency (English)

How can countries stimulate and sustain strong export growth? To answer this question, the authors examine 92 episodes of export surges, defined as significant increases in manufacturing export growth that are sustained for at least seven years. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4750 OCT 01, 2008

Pierola, Martha Denisse; Freund, Caroline

Patterns of export diversification in developing countries : intensive and extensive margins (English)

This paper uses highly disaggregated trade data to investigate geographic and product diversification patterns across a group of developing nations for the period from 1990 to 2005. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4473 JAN 01, 2008

Pierola, Martha Denisse; Amurgo-Pacheco, Alberto