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Assessment of private sector participation in the power sector of Egypt (English)

The objective of this note is to provide a high level assessment and areas of improvement of the legal and regulatory framework for private participation in the power sector in Egypt. ... See More +

Working Paper 98547 DEC 01, 2014

Alsuraih,Waleed Saleh I.; Ahmad, Aijaz; Moreno,Francisco Alejandro; Tavoulareas,Efstratios Disclosed

Liquefied natural gas in China : options for markets, institutions, and finance (English)

This report presents a summary of key issues and options relating to the development of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in China and is based on two more detailed reports (Phase I and Phase II), which discussed the market for gas and the institutional and financing issues necessary to support its introduction. ... See More +

Publication WDP414 MAY 31, 2000

Girdis, Dean; Tavoulareas, Stratos; Tomkins, Ray

Clean coal technologies for developing countries (English)

This report on clean coal technologies (CCTs) examines their performance, costs, and suitability for use by developing countries. The paper reviews in detail for each technology key elements including basic technological features, performance levels, commercial availability, costs of operation, time required for construction, suitability for developing countries, and issues affecting deployment. ... See More +

Publication WTP286 JUL 01, 1995

Tavoulareas, E. Stratos; Charpentier, Jean-Pierre