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Infrastructure and development (English)

The notion of infrastructure is presented as a subset of the notion of capital. Several definitional characteristics of infrastructure are identified and discussed. ... See More +

Working Paper 28975 MAY 03, 2004

Prud'homme, Remy

The World Bank research observer 10 (2) (English)

The economics of municipal solid waste. David N. Beede and David E. Bloom The costs and benefits of agroforestry to farmers. Dean Current, Ernst Lutz, and Sara J. ... See More +

Publication 14953 AUG 31, 1995

Beede, David N.; Blook, David E.; Current, Dean; Lutz, Ernst; Scherr, Sara J.; Feltman, Robert A.; Kumar, Manmohan S.; Prud'homme, Remy; McLure, Charles E., Jr.; Hanushek, Eric A.; Kremer,Michael R.

The dangers of decentralization (English)

Demand for decentralization is strong throughout the world. But the benefits of decentralization are not as obvious as the standard theory of fiscal federalism suggests, and there are serious drawbacks that should be considered in designing any decentralization program. ... See More +

Journal Article 77074 AUG 01, 1995

Prud'homme, Remy Disclosed

On the dangers of decentralization (English)

The author highlights some of the dangers of decentralizations. The benefits of decentralization in allocative efficiency are not as obvious as suggested by the standard theory of fiscal federalism. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1252 FEB 28, 1994

Prud'homme, Remy; DEC