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Persistent Misallocation and the Returns to Education in Mexico (English)

Over the last two decades, Mexico has experienced macroeconomic stability, an open trade regime, and substantial progress in education. Yet average workers' earnings have stagnated, and earnings of those with higher schooling have fallen, compressing the earnings distribution and lowering the returns to education. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8690 JAN 07, 2019

Levy,Santiago; Lopez-Calva,Luis-Felipe Disclosed

The World Bank economic review 6(3) (English)

Measuring the independence of central banks and its effect on policy outcomes. On the transmission of world agricultural prices. How small enterprises in Ghana have responded to adjustment. ... See More +

Publication 17602 SEP 30, 1992

Cukierman, Alex; Webb, Steven B.; Neyapti, Bilin; Mundlak, Yair; Larson, Donald F.; Steel, William F.; Webster, Leila M.; Liviatan, Nissan; O'Connell, Stephen A.; Levy, Santiago; Wijnbergen, Sweder van; Claessens, Stijn; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus; Corsetti, Giancarlo