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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Local Government Project (SLGP) - P095232 - Sequence No : 13 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR30241 DEC 21, 2017

Tiwari,Asmita Disclosed

Swaziland - Local Government Project (SLGP) : P095232 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 12 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR28974 JUN 29, 2017

Tiwari,Asmita Disclosed

Striving toward disaster resilient development in Sub-Saharan Africa : strategic framework 2016–2020 (English)

Africa is at a turning point. It has made remarkable strides, with annual growth averaging around 4.5 percent over the last 20 years. Foreign direct investment has increased seven-fold, life expectancy by six years, and school enrollment has risen to 74 percent. ... See More +

Working Paper 109561 JAN 01, 2016

Pusch,Christoph; Bedane,Alemseged W Yohannes; Agosti,Alexander; Carletto,Andre L.; Tiwari,Asmita; Parvez,Ayaz; Dingel,Carl Christian; Chararnsuk,Chalida; Wielinga,Doekle Geert; Muraya,Francis M.; Nkoka,Francis Samson; Kane,Isabelle Celine; Desai,Jayna Kishor; Migraine,Jean Baptiste; Hounkpe,Koffi; Chalude,Laurence Elodie Esther Fanny; Corrales,Luis; Neilson,Marc C.; Prieto Castellanos,Marcel Giovanni; Matera,Michel; Singh,Prashant; Reid,Robert Curle Jesse; Morin,Veronique Disclosed

Urban risk assessments : understanding disaster and climate risk in cities (English)

The rapid and oft en unplanned expansion of cities is exposing more people and economic assets to the risk of disasters and the effects of climate change. ... See More +

Publication 70982 JUN 22, 2012

Dickson, Eric; Baker, Judy L.; Hoornweg, Daniel; Tiwari, Asmita Disclosed