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Sluggish post crisis growth : policies, secular stagnation, and outlook (English)

In the aftermath of the recent global financial crisis, advanced economies have continued to experience sluggish growth. Is this slow post crisis growth the result of a policy response that was overly reliant on monetary policy, which ran into the zero interest rate lower bound before growth, was restored? ... See More +

Brief 86483 APR 01, 2014

Canuto,Otaviano; Griffith,Breda; Nallari,Yugandhar Raj Disclosed

Clusters of competitiveness (English)

Competitiveness is a broad subject with applications at the level of the firm, industry, region, nation, and global economy. Each one of these aspects has a rich literature drawn on by academics and policy makers over a long period. ... See More +

Publication 79892 JAN 01, 2013

Nallari, Raj; Griffith, Breda Disclosed

Geography of growth : spatial economics and competitiveness (English)

This volume is organized as follows. Chapter one address two questions: how has spatial concentration evolved with growth and development, and what are the efficiency implications of too much or too little spatial concentration? ... See More +

Publication 68360 APR 20, 2012

Nallari, Raj; Griffith, Breda; Yusuf, Shahid Disclosed

A primer on policies for jobs (English)

A primer on policies for jobs is based on materials and input provided during the labor market courses conducted during the past 10 years. Its objective is to provide government policy makers, researchers, and labor market practitioners and other specialists with a practical guide on how to strengthen labor market institutions, especially in light of the global financial crisis. ... See More +

Publication 66231 DEC 27, 2011

Nallari, Raj; Griffith, Breda; Wang, Yidan; Andriamananjara, Soamiely; Chen, Derek H. C.; Bhattacharya, Rwitwika Disclosed

Frontiers in development policy : a primer on emerging issues (English)

The book has been divided into five parts. Part one focuses on clarifying the basic concepts (that is, what are the appropriate goals of economic policy?) ... See More +

Publication 64442 SEP 15, 2011

Nallari, Raj; Yusuf, Shahid; Griffith, Breda; Bhattacharya, Rwitwika Disclosed

Understanding growth and poverty : theory, policy, and empirics (English)

This volume is an introduction to the theories and policies that affect economic growth and poverty. It is a compilation of lecture notes used in face-to-face and e-learning courses presented by the World Bank Institute's (WBI) Poverty Program during 2004-08. ... See More +

Publication 60057 MAR 07, 2011

Nallari, Raj; Griffith, Breda Disclosed

Gender and macroeconomic policy (English)

This report aims to show how macroeconomic policies create differential opportunities for women and men. This volume comprises nine chapters covering four broad themes: gender as a category of analysis in macroeconomics; the implications of gender for macroeconomic aggregates, in particular consumption and economic growth; the role of gender in the labor market, globalization, and access to credit; and gender budgeting. ... See More +

Publication 58996 JAN 05, 2011

Nallari, Raj; Griffith, Breda Disclosed