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The World Bank research observer 3 (1) (English)

Government wage policy in Africa: some findings and policy issues. Export-promoting trade strategy: issues and evidence. the state and the invisible hand. ... See More +

Publication 17492 JAN 31, 1988

Lindauer, David L.; Meesook, Oey Astra; Suebsaeng, Parita; Bhagwati, Jagdish N.; Wellisz, Stanislaw; Findlay, Ronald; Binswanger, Hans; Pingali, Prabhu; Psacharopoulos, George

The World Bank economic review 1 (4) (English)

Introduction. Trade in services and the multilateral trade negotiations. Agriculture in the Uruguay Round: interests of developing countries. GATT law, agricultural trade, and developing countries: lessons from two case studies. ... See More +

Publication 17559 SEP 30, 1987

Bhagwati, Jagdish N.; Krueger, Anne O.; Snape, Richard H.; Valdes, Alberto; Sathirathai, Surakiart; Siamwalla, Ammar; Cable, Vincent; Wolf, Martin; Anjaria, Shailendra J.; Hindley, Brian; Finger, J. Michael; Nogues, Julio; Chong-Hyun Nam

Export promoting trade strategy : issues and evidence (English)

This paper evaluates new hesitations in adopting an export promoting (EP) trade strategy. It reviews past experience with trade strategies and distinguishes between the old export pessimism and the new export pessimism. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) ERS7 OCT 31, 1986

Bhagwati,Jagdish N. Disclosed