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Riding the wave : an East Asian miracle for the 21st century (English)

Developing East Asia has led the way in showing how rapid and broadly shared growth can lift millions out of poverty. And, as this report shows, the region has achieved even more: the wave of prosperity across the region since the 1980s has lifted 3 out of 5 of its citizens into economic security, where their risk of falling into poverty is minimal. ... See More +

Publication 121613 NOV 22, 2017

Ruggeri Laderchi,Caterina; Spatafora,Nikola L.; Shetty,Sudhir; Zaidi,Salman Disclosed

Export quality in advanced and developing economies : evidence from a new data set (English)

This paper develops new estimates of export quality, based on bilateral data, which are far more extensive than previous efforts. The data cover 166 countries and hundreds of products over 1962-2014. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8196 SEP 14, 2017

Henn,Christian; Papageorgiou,Chris; Romero,Jose; Spatafora,Nikola L. Disclosed

Remittances and vulnerability in developing countries (English)

This paper examines how international remittances are affected by structural characteristics, macroeconomic conditions, and adverse shocks in recipient economies. ... See More +

Journal Article 129172 JAN 01, 2017

Bettin,Giulia; Presbitero,Andrea F.; Spatafora,Nikola L. Disclosed

East Asia and Pacific - Economic update : growing challenges (English)

In the six months since the previous East Asia and Pacific (EAP) economic update, developing EAP has faced a challenging external environment. Financial market conditions in the region, however, have been volatile over much of the past 6 months, as in the rest of the world. ... See More +

Publication 104770 APR 01, 2016

Edwards,Kim Alan; Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Solmaz,Serhat; Sun, Yan; Blum,Jurgen Rene; Taliercio,Robert R.; Rahardja,Sjamsu; Maliszewska,Maryla; Mishra,Deepak K.; Ariyapruchya,Kiatipong; Badiani-Magnusson,Reena Chandu; Batsuuri,Davaadalai; Beck,Hans Anand; Del Castillo,Noel Borja; Chen,Shaohua; Chua,Karl Kendrick Tiu; Cruz,Kevin Thomas Garcia; Davading,Somneuk; Demombynes,Gabriel; Dewina,Reno; Diaz-Bonilla,Carolina; Dinh,Viet Tuan; Diop,Ndiame; Eckardt,Sebastian; Fitrani,Fitria; Freije-Rodriguez,Samuel; Hein,Min Ye Paing; Vu,Linh Hoang; Kida,Mizuho; Kim,Jae Kyun; Knight,David Stephen; Krishnan,Nandini; Kularatne,Chandana; Lee,Taehyun; Limkin,Joseph Louie C.; Litwack,John; Ly,Sodeth; Mahajan,Sandeep; Martin, Miguel; Spatafora,Nikola L.; Hirano,Yumeka Disclosed

Diversification, growth, and volatility in Asia (English)

Economic development critically involves diversification and structural transformation—that is, the continued, dynamic reallocation of resources from less productive to more productive sectors and activities. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7380 JUL 28, 2015

Papageorgiou,Chris; Spatafora,Nikola L.; Wang,Ke Disclosed

Adjusting to a changing world (English)

In the six months since the previous East Asia and Pacific economic update, the regional economic landscape has been dominated by two key developments in the global economy. ... See More +

Working Paper 95722 APR 01, 2015

Ahsan,Ahmad; Bredenkamp,Caryn; Dewina,Reno; Diaz-Bonilla,Carolina; Hirano,Yumeka; O'Keefe,Philip B.; Ollero,Antonio M.; Pambudi,Eko Setyo; Smits,Karlis; Somanathan,Aparnaa; Spatafora,Nikola L.; Tandon,Ajay; Umapathi,Nithin; Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Zhao,Luan; Sun,Yan Disclosed

East Asia and Pacific economic update, October 2014 : enhancing competitiveness in an uncertain world (English)

This issue of the East Asia and Pacific economic update is based on data available through September 29, inclusive. This report also includes a special section, focusing on two crucial medium-term issues facing developing East Asia and Pacific: education and skills development, and international migration; and an overview of the economic prospects and policy priorities for the Pacific Island Countries. ... See More +

91233 OCT 01, 2014

Spatafora,Nikola L.; Ollero,Antonio M.; Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Addison,Douglas M.; Choi,Young Il; Hu,Bingjie; Gil Sander,Frederico; Cerdan-Infantes,Pedro; Ahsan,Ahmad; Horscroft,Virginia Ann; Edwards,Kim Alan; Haque,Tobias Akhtar; Knight,David Stephen; Adriani,Magda; Aldaz-Carroll,Enrique; Beck,Hans Anand; Bhaopichitr,Kirida; D'Hoore,Alain W.; Davading,Somneuk; Dinh,Viet Tuan; Fitrani,Fitria; Yi Jiang; Kaiser,Kai-Alexander; Chua,Karl Kendrick Tiu; Lee,Taehyun; Limkin,Joseph Louie C.; Ly,Sodeth; Mariano,Paul A.; Nthara,Khwima Lawrence; Pan,Lucy; Phimmahasay,Keomanivone; Record,Richard James Lowden; Shiilegmaa,Altantsetseg; Sienaert,Alexis; Smits,Karlis; Stamm,Diane; Taylor,Ashley D.; Yoong,Pui Shen; Zin,May Thet; Sun,Yan-000348661 Disclosed

Remittances and vulnerability in developing countries (English)

This paper examines how international remittances are affected by structural characteristics, macroeconomic conditions, and adverse shocks in both source and recipient economies. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6812 MAR 01, 2014

Bettin, Giulia; Presbitero, Andrea F.; Spatafora, Nikola Disclosed

East Asia and Pacific economic update, October 2013 : rebuilding policy buffers, reinvigorating growth (English)

Global growth momentum accelerated during the second and third quarters of 2013, while many downside risks lingered in the background. Strengthening of global growth momentum will help developing East Asia maintain a growth rate in excess of 7 percent, retaining its status as the global growth leader. ... See More +

Publication 81681 OCT 01, 2013

Mishra,Deepak K.; Mohapatra,Sanket; Nguyen,Trang Van; O'Keefe,Philip B.; Ollero,Antonio M.; Packard,Truman G.; Rocha, Roberto; Smits,Karlis; Somanathan,Aparnaa; Spatafora,Nikola L.; Umapathi,Nithin; Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Wang, Jun Disclosed

Remittances : transaction costs, determinants, and informal flows (English)

Recorded workers' remittances to developing countries have grown rapidly, to more than $100 billion in 2004, bringing increasing attention to these flows as a potential tool for development. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS3704 SEP 01, 2005

Freund, Caroline; Spatafora, Nikola Disclosed