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Innovative approaches for multi-stakeholder engagement in the extractive industries (English)

Extractive industries (oil, gas, and mining) have the potential to generate significant wealth for developing countries and to serve as important catalysts for growth. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 79893 JUN 01, 2013

Sheldon, Christopher Gilbert; Casis, Alonso Zarzar; Caspary, Georg; Seiler, Verena; Fernando Mier, Ruiz Disclosed

Implementing EITI at the subnational level : emerging experience and operational framework (English)

The fundamental rationale behind Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is that increased transparency and knowledge of revenues from the extractive industries will empower citizens and institutions to hold governments accountable. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 65373 OCT 01, 2011

Aguilar, Javier; Caspary, Georg; Seiler, Verena Disclosed

Extractive industries transparency initiative : combating the resource curse in Fragile and conflict-affected countries (English)

Access to extractive industry resources, and to the revenues springing from them, is at the root of many conflicts. Recent examples include the several wars fought, in part, over access to oil in the Middle East and wars fueled by 'blood diamonds' in West Africa. ... See More +

Brief 67195 JAN 01, 2011

Caspary, Georg; Seiler, Verena Disclosed

Poverty and climate change : reducing the vulnerability of the poor through adaptation (English)

Despite international efforts, poverty has become more widespread in many countries in the last decade, making poverty reduction the core challenge for development in the 21st century. ... See More +

Working Paper 52176 JAN 01, 2009

Abeygunawardena, Piya; Vyas, Yogesh; Knill, Philipp; Foy, Tim; Harrold, Melissa; Steele, Paul; Tanner, Thomas; Hirsch, Danielle; Oosterman, Maresa; Rooimans, Jaap; Debois, Marc; Lamin, Maria; Liptow, Holger; Mausolf, Elisabeth; Verheyen, Roda; Agrawala, Shardul; Caspary, Georg; Paris, Ramy; Kashyap, Arun; Sharma, Arun; Mathur, Ajay; Sharma, Mahesh; Sperling, Frank Disclosed