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Bulk electricity pricing in restructured markets : lessons for developing countries from eight case studies (English)

In 1992, the World Bank's Board of Directors approved a set of good practice principles for the power sector. In the light of the 1992 Board decision and given the continuing efforts of countries around the world to reform their sectors in line with these principles, the Bank saw substantial value in surveying and reporting on the experiences of both developed and developing countries with the process. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 17616 FEB 28, 1997

Bates, Robin W.; London Economics (Consultants)

Energy use, air pollution, and environmental policy in Krakow : can economic incentives really work? (English)

This paper, "Energy use, air pollution, and environmental policy in Krakow," examines the impact of alternative policy instruments on certain aspects of local air pollution in the Krakow region of Poland, in terms of sulfur dioxide and particulate emissions; energy use; the resource costs of pollution control; and government revenues. ... See More +

Publication WTP308 JAN 31, 1996

Adamson, Seabron; Bates, Robin; Laslett, Robert; Potoschnig, Alberto

Alternative policies for the control of air pollution in Poland (English)

Like other Central European countries, Poland faces the twin challenges of improving environmental quality while also promoting economic development. ... See More +

Publication 13036 MAR 31, 1994

Bates, Robin; Cofala, Janusz; Toman, Michael

Commercial energy efficiency and the environment (English)

The production and use of energy create serious, extensive environmental affects at every level, in every country, argue the authors. That impact may be more serious in developing than in developed countries as developing countries depend more on natural resources and lack the economic strength to withstand environmental consequences. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS972 SEP 30, 1992

Bates, Robin W.; Moore, Edwin A.

Energy conservation policy, energy markets and the environment in developing countries (English)

Environment Working Paper ENV45 MAY 31, 1991

Bates,Robin W. Eligible for Disclosure

Kenya - Electricity tariff study (English)

The purpose of this study is to analyze the incremental costs of generating, transmitting and distributing electricity in Kenya. It measures these costs at different places, times and voltage levels to different consumers over the period 1977 - 1986. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper PUN38 JUN 30, 1978

Bates,Robin W. Disclosed