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Poverty reduction and the World Bank : progress in fiscal 1999 (English)

This report on poverty reduction for fiscal 1999 aims to provide an overview of what the Bank is doing to help countries face the challenge of reducing poverty. ... See More +

Publication 31105 JAN 01, 2000

Prennushi, Giovanna; Chen, Shaohua; Ravallion, Martin; Gwatkin, Davidson; Wagstaff, Adam; Filmer, Deon; Narayan, Deepa; Suebsaeng, Parita; Arenas, Alexander; Wipf, Jean-Francois; Withers, Kathleen Disclosed

Poverty reduction and the World Bank - progress in fiscal 1996 and 1997 (English)

This report reviews progress in implementation of the World Bank's poverty reduction strategy, updating the more comprehensive report for fiscal 1995, Poverty Reduction and the World Bank: Progress and Challenges in the 1990s (report no. 15950). ... See More +

Publication 17380 DEC 31, 1997

Subbarao, K.; Suebsaeng, Parita

Government wage policy in Africa : some findings and policy issues (English)

This article documents recent trends in government wage and employment levels for a number of African countries and challenges the conventional wisdom that public wages are too high in Africa. ... See More +

Journal Article 8733 JAN 31, 1988

Lindauer, David L.; Meesook, Oey Astra; Suebsaeng, Parita

The World Bank research observer 3 (1) (English)

Government wage policy in Africa: some findings and policy issues. Export-promoting trade strategy: issues and evidence. the state and the invisible hand. ... See More +

Publication 17492 JAN 31, 1988

Lindauer, David L.; Meesook, Oey Astra; Suebsaeng, Parita; Bhagwati, Jagdish N.; Wellisz, Stanislaw; Findlay, Ronald; Binswanger, Hans; Pingali, Prabhu; Psacharopoulos, George

Wage policy and the structure of wages and employment in Zambia (English)

The paper examines real wage trends in the government, parastatal and private sectors in Zambia and the evolution of the wage structure over time. ... See More +

Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report 5727 MAY 31, 1986

Meesook, Oey A; Lindauer, David; Suebsaeng, Parita Disclosed

Employment and salaries in the Nigerian civil service : some preliminary notes (English)

Although employees in the public sector constitute a very small number when compared to the total labor force, they exert a great deal of influence on labor market conditions, and on Nigeria's development process. ... See More +

Working Paper 34076 JUL 15, 1984

Suebsaeng,Parita Videt Disclosed

Issues in prices and incomes policy in Zambia (English)

This paper presents some preliminary findings and views on wage and price policy issues facing the Prices and Incomes Commission (PIC). Following indications by the Chairman of the PIC that he would welcome assistance from the World Bank, a mission visited Zambia in May - June 1983. ... See More +

Working Paper 34078 FEB 01, 1984

Leiserson, Mark; Lindauer, David; Meesook, Oey Astra; Suebsaeng, Parita Disclosed