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Development and faith : where mind, heart, and soul work together (English)

This book aims to advance the shared understanding that is emerging from a dialogue on global development issues. It takes stock of a decade of exchanges and partnerships that have marked the effort to bridge what were too often diverging worlds. ... See More +

Publication 40545 JAN 01, 2007

Marshall, Katherine; Van Saanen, Marisa Disclosed

Mozambique's battle against HIV/AIDS and the DREAM project (English)

A partnership with the Catholic volunteer Community of Sant'Egidio in Mozambique is helping provide treatment, care and hope to thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS. ... See More +

Brief 37222 APR 25, 2006

Keough, Lucy; Marshall, Katherine Disclosed

Finding global balance - common ground between the worlds of development and faith (English)

This book relates the latest chapter in the story of a remarkable partnership between the worlds of faith and development, launched in 1998 by Jim Wolfensohn and then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, when they convened a meeting of faith and development leaders in Lambeth Palace. ... See More +

Publication 33431 JAN 01, 2005

Marshall, Katherine [editor]; Keough, Lucy [editor] Disclosed

Mind, heart and soul in the fight against poverty (English)

The world of religion has been unacknowledged and often unseen by many development practitioners. The areas of common concern and activity, though, are numerous and have great importance in the global effort to fight poverty. ... See More +

Publication 29879 JAN 01, 2004

Marshall, Katherine; Keough, Lucy

Millennium challenges for development and faith institutions (English)

The dialogue initiated at Lambeth -- continued at a second meeting of faith and development leaders in November 1999 and then at the third meeting in Canterbury, on which this booklet is based -- has endeavored to bridge these gaps. ... See More +

Publication 27209 JAN 01, 2003

Marshall, Katherine; Marsh, Richard Disclosed

Bank's World (English)

This Banks World newsletter includes some of the following headings: ten days in India: European journalists visit social sectors projects by Monbart, Claudia von; Bissell, Bim; at works in the fields of the wild: communities and wildlife in Kenya by Kiss, Agi; looking to the World Bank's future: some insights from finalists for the young professionals program by Marshall, Katherine; the Wolfensohns in Africa; neighbors helping neighbors save energy: South-South twinning arrangements and the Lao Public Democratic Republic (PDR) by Tager, Carolyn S.; discussing privatization issues with Ukrainian parliamentarians by Ngo, Brian; Alexandrowicz, Melinda Roth; networking with European women in management development by Reines, Sheila; a wake-up call by Prest, Michael; and answerline. ... See More +

Newsletter 57344 AUG 01, 1995

Alexandrowicz, Melinda Roth; Bissell,Bimla N.; Kiss,Agnes I.; Marshall,Katherine; Von Monbart,Claudia M.; Ngo,Brian T.; Prest,Michael Richard; Reines,Sheila; Tager,Carolyn S. Disclosed

Management and innovation issue 3 (October 1994) : Management and innovation issue 3 (English)

Quality management - one operations division's approach, by Krishna Challa. Enhancing the strategic dialogue : an approach to joint stocktaking and enriching bank/government partnerships, by Katherine Marshall. ... See More +

Newsletter 37426 OCT 01, 1994

Challa, Krishna; Marshall, Katherine; Picciotto, Robert; Davis, Gloria.; Golan, Amnon Disclosed

Bank's World (English)

This Banks World newsletter includes some of the following headings: the Bank and Mauritania by Marshall, Katherine; a cartographer's changing world by Seidenberg, Robert; a continental divide? ... See More +

Newsletter 58153 SEP 01, 1993

Delmonte,David L.; Eigen,Peter; Krishnamurthi,Sudhir; Marshall,Katherine; Mashayekhi Beschloss,Afsaneh; ROESSNER, J. JILL; Seidenberg, Robert; Vogl,Frank R.; Wright,Valerie Jan Disclosed

Bank's World (English)

This Bank's World newsletter includes some of the following headings: the poverty report, by Lewis Preston; doing business better, faster, and cheaper, by David Clingman; enabling the future, by Mohamed T El-Ashry; poverty and the triple challenge of development, adjustment, and reconstruction, by Katherine Marshall; what's in a name? ... See More +

Newsletter 58151 JUN 01, 1993

Clingman,David E.; Delmonte,David L.; Dichter, David; Marshall,Katherine; Preston,Lewis T.; Romero,Susana; El-Ashry,Mohamed T. Disclosed

Bank's World (English)

This Banks World newsletter includes some of the following headings: finite resources, by Richard Lynn; Elizabeth's new home, by Jill Roessner; the 'mommy track' to success, by Katherine Marshall; building a global communications network, by Jeffrey Jackson and Clare Fleming; Dhaka's electronic wizard, by David Dichter; smile, please, by Morallina Fanwar-George; sustainable development: key to resolving global environmental crisis, by Barber Cotlable; International Finance Corporation (IFC) opens resident mission in Prague, by Asimina Caminis; unfinished business, by Chris Parel; and answerline. ... See More +

Newsletter 58127 MAY 01, 1991

Caminis,Asimina; Cotlable, Barber; Dichter, David; George,Morallina Fanwar; Fleming,Clare; Jackson,Jeffrey M.; Lynn,Richard B.; Marshall,Katherine; Parel,Chris; ROESSNER, J. JILL Disclosed

Bank's world (English)

This Bank's world newsletter includes some of the following issue: A.W.Clausen talks about the World Bank, by Alan Drattell; more water for metro manila, by Leandro V. ... See More +

Newsletter 58611 JUN 01, 1986

Coronel, Leandro V; Dexter, Harry; Drattell,Alan M.; Marshall,Katherine; ROESSNER, J. JILL; Theunis, Georges; Tillier,Ellen Disclosed