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Thailand's trade and infrastructure (English)

Thailand’s economy has undergone dramatic changes over the last 25 years. From an agricultural economy based on a narrow range of export commodities the country has developed into one that is sometimes numbered among the world’s newly industrializing countries. ... See More +

Working Paper 111641 MAY 21, 1998

Peters,Hans J. Disclosed

Private sector involvement in East and Southeast Asian ports : an overview of contractual arrangements (English)

More than US$ 8 billion of private capital has been pledged for capacity expansion and service modernization in far Eastern and Southeast Asian ports. ... See More +

Brief 81613 MAR 01, 1995

Peters, Hans J. Disclosed

Institution building and human resource development for managing trade and industry logistics : Hungary's success story (English)

Success in today's markets is increasingly dependent on effective arrangements for manufacturing, marketing, and distributing products responding to constantly changing customer requirements. ... See More +

Brief 81614 MAR 01, 1995

Peters, Hans J. Disclosed

Strengthening marine pollution control : the international move towards statutory requirements (English)

Over the past 25 years many conventions have come into existence aimed at containing adverse environmental impacts caused by vessel operations. ... See More +

Brief 81612 FEB 01, 1995

Peters,Hans J. Disclosed

The maritime transport crisis (English)

This report reflects the findings of a research effort within the Bank's Transport, Water, and Urban Development Department which was aimed at developing a clearer understanding of the crisis in the international maritime transport industry. ... See More +

Publication WDP220 NOV 30, 1993

Peters, Hans J.

The commercial aspects of freight transport : ocean transport - freight rates and tariffs (English)

The need to determine the delivered costs of imported or exported commodities occurs with increasing frequency in many Bank or International Finance Corporation (IFC) lending operations. ... See More +

Brief 81606 JAN 01, 1991

Peters, Hans J. Disclosed

Sea trade logistics management and related transport infrastructure and services (English)

This report provides an overview of changing patterns in international seatrade and related logistics management practices. Critical assessments are made of what these changes imply for ports and national flag carriers in developing countries. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper INU11 SEP 30, 1988

Peters, Hans J.; INU