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A partnership for environmental progress : the World Bank in Latin America and the Caribbean (English)

Sustainable economic development is inseparable from wise management of natural resources. In the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, debt and adjustment concerns that dominated the policy agenda only a few years ago have been superseded by the concerns of improving physical infrastructure, developing human resources, enhancing the participation of citizens in development, and protecting the environment. ... See More +

Working Paper 17509 SEP 30, 1994

Partridge, William; Biller, Dan; Greene, David; Ledec, George; Liebenthal, Andres; Onursal, Bekir; Quintero, Juan David; Serra, Teresa

Trade, aid, and policy reform (English)

The themes for this year's Symposium on Trade, Aid, and Policy Reform, reflect the importance of the international environment, and the need for global integration of policy for agricultural development. ... See More +

Publication 23930 SEP 30, 1988

Roberts, Colleen [editor]; Schuh, G.E.; Siebeck, Wofgang E; Bravderman, Avishay; Tangerman, Stefan; Vidali, Carlos; Qureshi, Moeen; Hayward, John; Lafourcade, Olivier; Frederiksen, Harold; Perry,C.; Barghouti, S.; Picciotto, Robert; Cleaver, Kevin; Greene, David; Spears, John; Lele, Uma; Chase, Robert; Pinstrup-Andersen, Per Disclosed