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Water management in Israel: key innovations and lessons learned for water scarce countries (English)

Despite being one of the most water scarce countries in the world, Israel has achieved water security and full cost recovery through tariffs through a series of ambitious reforms. ... See More +

Working Paper 119309 AUG 01, 2017

Marin,Philippe; Tal,Shimon; Yeres,Joshua; Ringskog,Klas B. Disclosed

Zimbabwe infrastructure policy review (English)

The Zimbabwe Water Forum provides a platform for Government and Development Partners to share international best practices in the water sector between Zimbabwe and other countries. ... See More +

Brief 103627 DEC 31, 2013

Ringskog,Klas B. Disclosed

Zimbabwe - Infrastructure policy review (English)

Many empirical studies have demonstrated the close relationship between a country’s economic development and its stock of infrastructure. Decades of deferred maintenance and lack of long-term financing have taken a heavy toll on Zimbabwe’s infrastructure that at one time was ranked at the top in Africa. ... See More +

Working Paper 103580 DEC 09, 2013

Ringskog,Klas B. Disclosed

Using management and lease-affermage contracts for water supply : how effective are they in improving service delivery (English)

As governments in developing countries seek to expand access to water supply and improve the quality of service, they are considering a range of options for public-private partnerships. ... See More +

Brief 37548 SEP 01, 2006

Hammond,Mary Ellen; Locussol,Alain R.; Ringskog,Klas B. Disclosed

Town water supply and sanitation companion papers : volume 3 : Town water supply and sanitation : companion papers - volume 3 (English)

Contents of the report are: an alternative perspective on Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) services: Towns and the urban/rural divide; by Richard Hopkins and David Satterthwaite. ... See More +

Working Paper 44724 JUL 01, 2003

Hopkins, Richard; Satterthwaite, David; Lauria, Donald; Walton, Barry; Schoon, Colin; Stott, Paul; Smet, Jo; Ringskog, Klas; Valfrey, Bruno;; Collignon, Bernard; Myers, Stephen; Schwartz, Klaas; Cresswell, Jack; Nordstrom, Solveig; Gasteyer, Stephen; Appleton, Brian; Disclosed

India - Environmental sustainability in the 1990s : a country assistance evaluation (English)

India's environmental problems are deep-rooted and severe. Estimates of annual environmental damage range from 4.5 percent to 8 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), in line with annual economic growth. ... See More +

Working Paper 82094 JAN 01, 2002

Ringskog, Klas; Chow, Nola Disclosed

India : environmental sustainability in the 1990s - a country assistance evaluation (English)

This evaluation pays particular attention to environmental impacts stemming from the burden of disease due to unsafe water, and unsanitary excreta disposal, to soil degradation, and to air pollution. ... See More +

Working Paper 24588 JAN 01, 2002

Ringskog, Klas; Chow, Nola

Water markets in the Americas (English)

This volume summarizes the practice of using water markets to improve the efficiency of water use. The water sector is in a state of transition. ... See More +

Publication 17282 DEC 31, 1997

Simpson, Larry; Ringskog, Klas

Wastewater treatment in Latin America : old and new options (English)

This publication reviews old and new technological as well as financial and implementation options available for wastewater treatment and reuse. ... See More +

Publication 17037 AUG 01, 1997

Idelovitch, Emanuel; Ringskog, Klas Disclosed

Private sector participation in water supply and sanitation in Latin America (English)

The publication consists of two chapters. In the first, Options for Private Sector Participation - the main problems of the public sector are analyzed, the rationale for private sector participation (PSP) is explained, and the array of options for PSP is reviewed. ... See More +

Publication 14537 MAY 31, 1995

Idelovitch, Emanuel; Ringskog, Klas