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Sri Lanka's Tea Industry : succeeding in the global market (English)

This study is a follow up of the report "Sri Lanka Tree Crops Strategy" (report no. 12356-CE). This study identifies some of the major strengths and weaknesses of Sri Lanka's tea industry with respect to other major exporters in the world and examines the strategic options for the the government in the global market. ... See More +

Publication WDP368 AUG 31, 1997

Ali, Ridwan; Choudhry, Yusuf A.; Lister, Douglas W.

Sri Lanka's rubber industry : succeeding in the global market (English)

The global rubber industry is in a growth phase where competition is intense. It is a critical period for the industry where fundamental changes are taking place in the way rubber is produced and marketed for competitive survival. ... See More +

Publication WDP370 AUG 31, 1997

Ali, Ridwan; Choudhry, Yusuf A.; Lister, Douglas W.

Pakistan's public agricultural enterprises : inefficiencies, market distortions, and proposals for reform (English)

Agricultural public enterprises in Pakistan, like their counterparts in most developing countries, share common problems of economic, financial, and managerial inefficiency. ... See More +

Publication WDP305 OCT 31, 1995

Faruqee, Rashid; Ali, Ridwan; Choudhry, Yusuf

Is export diversification the best way to achieve export growth and stability? A look at three African countries (English)

Malawi, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe depend heavily on export earnings from a narrow base of agricultural commodities (coffee, cotton, sugar, tea, and tobacco). ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS729 JUL 31, 1991

Ali, Ridwan; Alwang, Jeffrey; Siegel, Paul B.

How trade and economic policies affect agriculture : a framework for analysis applied to Tanzania and Malawi (English)

The authors provide a general equilibrium model for analyzing the mechanisms by which macroeconomic, trade, price, and exchange rate policies affect agricultural export sectors. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS719 JUL 31, 1991

Lopez, Ramon; Ali, Ridwan; Larsen, Bjorn

Bank's world (English)

This Banks world newsletter includes some of the following headings: the international health policy program by Fanwar-George, Morallina; Theresia Verghese still cares by Roessner, Jill; managing personal growth by Ridwan, Ali; scoop! ... See More +

Newsletter 58068 DEC 01, 1989

Caminis,Asimina; Drattell,Alan M.; Edison,Betsy Ross; George,Morallina Fanwar; Freilich,Craig M.; Hammond,Ann W.; Ali,Ridwan; ROESSNER, J. JILL; Thalwitz, Wilfried P.; Vogi, Frank Disclosed