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Success of geothermal wells : a global study (English)

The core objective of this project was to develop a sufficiently large database to allow statistically significant conclusions to be drawn on the success rates of geothermal wells worldwide (expressed as the number of successful wells developed as a proportion of total wells drilled in any given field). ... See More +

Other Environmental Study 78230 JUN 01, 2013

GeothermEx; Harding-Newman, Tom; Morrow, James; Sanyal, Subir; Meng, Zhengjia; Allen, Mike; Avato, Patrick; Gehringer, Magnus; Levin, Jeremy; Loksha, Victor; Moin, Sonia; Oduolowu, Akin; Pantelias, Alexios

Geothermal exploration best practices : guide to resource data collection, analysis, and presentation for geothermal projects (English)

Exploration best practices for any natural resource commodity should aim to reduce the resource risk prior to significant capital investment, for a fraction of the cost of the planned investment. ... See More +

Working Paper 78228 MAR 30, 2013

GeothermEx; Harvey, Colin; Beardsmore, Graeme; Harding-Newman, Tom; Avato, Patrick; Pantelias, Alexios; Gehringer, Magnus; Tönnis, Matthias; Jacob, Stephan; Mertoglu, Orhan; Basarir, Nilgun; Rüter, Horst; Rybach, Ladislaus; Kasumi Yasukawa

Designing market transformation projects for the base of the pyramid : the Lighting Africa Program (English)

Once pushed to the periphery as an unattractive market segment, the mass of low-income consumers throughout the developing world 4 billion of them are emerging as key players in the global marketplace and climate mitigation equation. ... See More +

Brief 55885 MAY 01, 2010

Madeira, Lindsay; Avato, Patrick; Njagi, Arthur Itotia

Accelerating clean energy technology research, development, and deployment : lessons from non-energy sectors (English)

The World Bank Group's clean energy for development investment framework action plan has outlined some of the key activities it intends to undertake in the area of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and helping client countries adapt to changes in climate. ... See More +

Publication 44382 JUN 10, 2008

Avato, Patrick; Coony, Jonathan;

Business and poverty : opening markets to the poor (English)

This report begins with a guest editorial; by Djordjija B. Petkoski; V. Kasturi, Rangan; and William S. Laufer. The next 4 billion: characterizing Base of the economic pyramid (BoP) markets; by Allen, L. ... See More +

WBI Working Paper 44491 JUN 01, 2008

Ismayilov, Ibrahim; Taghiyev, Samir; Godunova, Olga; Mirmotahari, Farzin; Israel, Moreno Barcelo; Quraishi, Subhi; Ameringen, Marc. Van;; Magarinos, Benrangere; Jarvis, Michael; Cole, Andy; Afifi, Mohamed; Salah, Reem; Wistar, Christy L.; Mor, Nachiket; Ananth, Bindu; Hara, George;; Petkoski, Djordjija B.; Rangan, Kasturi; Laufer, William S.; Hammond, Allen, L.; Kramer, William, J.; Katz, Robert S.; Tran, Julia, T.; Walker, Courtland;; Christiansen, Niels; Neath, Gavin; Sharma, Vijay; Kogiso, Mari; Matsuo, Mia; Hiramoto; Tokutaro; Theriault, Katia; Madeira, Lindsay; Avato, Patrick;

Development Outreach 10 (2) : business and poverty - opening markets to the poor (English)

Contents of the development outreach newsletter are as follows: business and poverty: opening markets to the poor by Petkoski, Djordjija B.; Rangan, Kasturi; and Laufer, William S.; the next four billion: characterizing BoP markets by Hammond, Allen L. ... See More +

Newsletter 57666 JUN 01, 2008

Walker, Courtland; Kogiso, Mari; Madeira, Lindsay; Avato, Patrick; Barcelo, Israel Morend; Magarinos, Berangere; Wistar, Christy L.; Christiansen, Niels; Farzin, Mirmotahari; Quraishi, Subhi; Salah, Reem; Rangan, Kasturi; Laufer, William S.; Hammond, Allen L.; Sharma, Vijay; Godunova, Olga; Matsuo, Mia; Hiramoto, Tokutaro; Ismayilov, Ibrahim; Kramer, William J.; Theriault, Katia; Jarvis, Michael; Cole, Andy; Afifi, Mohamed; Katz, Robert S.; Neath, Gavin; Taghiyev, Samir; Petkoski, Djordjija B.; Julia T. Tran; Ameringen, Marc Van