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Elephant crime intelligence system assessment (English)

This assessment concludes that individual nations as well as regional and transnational organizations now have severely limited to nonexistent capacities to effectively respond to growing threat levels. ... See More +

Other Environmental Study 94471 MAR 01, 2015

Fahlman,Robert C; Magrath,William B. Disclosed

Note on green growth for Bhutan (English)

Bhutan has recently made significant progress in sustaining economic growth and reducing poverty. Bhutan also has valuable deposits of primary materials including dolomite, lime stone, gypsum, quartzite, stone, and marble, which are useful for fabrication of other materials. ... See More +

Working Paper 90413 JUL 31, 2014

Narain, Urvashi; Toman, Michael; Jiang, Zhiyun; Dawes, Winston; Magrath, William B.; Lokanc, Martin; Mittal, Rohit; Dogra, Pyush; Wang, Shenhua; Pillai, Poonam; Khalil, Abedalrazq; Karki, Pravin Disclosed

India - National Agricultural Innovation Project : P092735 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 19 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR14441 JUN 24, 2014

Magrath,William B.

Justice for forests : improving criminal justice efforts to combat illegal logging (English)

Every two seconds, across the world, an area of forest the size of a football field is clear-cut by illegal loggers. In some countries, up to 90 percent of all the logging taking place is illegal. ... See More +

Publication 67619 MAR 14, 2012

Goncalves, Marilyne Pereira; Panjer, Melissa; Greenberg, Theodore S.; Magrath, William B. Disclosed

Timber theft prevention : introduction to security for forest managers (English)

As this report makes clear, the susceptibility of forests to illegal logging is a predictable consequence of the poor quality of forest management planning and practice around the world. ... See More +

Working Paper 41242 AUG 01, 2007

Magrath, William B.; Grandalski, Richard L.; Stuckey, Gerald L.; Vikanes, Garry B.; Wilkinson, Graham R. Disclosed

Promoting sustainable agriculture : improving policies for natural resource management (English)

Farmers are aware of natural resource degradation, but environmentally unsustainable agricultural practices remain widespread. Like other differences among farmers, many factors affect the adoption of sustainable or unsustainable techniques. ... See More +

Newsletter 21126 FEB 28, 1997

Kerr, John; Magrath, William

The World Bank research observer 11 (2) (English)

Some lessons from the East Asian Miracle, by Joseph E. Stiglitz. In search of owners: privatization and corporate governance in transition economies, by Cheryl W. ... See More +

Publication 20867 AUG 31, 1996

Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Gray, Cheryl W.; Ravallion, Martin; Hyde, William F.; Amacher, Gregory S.; Magrath, William; Uy, Marilou; Vittas, Dimitri; Yoon Je Cho Disclosed

Deforestation and forest land use : theory, evidence, and policy implications (English)

The topic of deforestation is seldom examined from the perspective of prices and responses to resource scarcity. This omission creates important errors in policy. ... See More +

Journal Article 76558 AUG 01, 1996

Hyde, William E; Amacher, Gregory S.; Magrath, William Disclosed

Watershed development in Asia : strategies and technologies (English)

Watersheds as hydrologic units comprise combinations of arable and nonarable land and drainage lines and are utilized by permanent and transient populations with varying skills and committment to long term resource husbandry. ... See More +

Publication WTP127 JUL 31, 1990

Doolette, John B.; Magrath, William B.

The costs of soil erosion on Java : a natural resource accounting approach (English)

Soil erosion is analogous to the depreciation of man made assets. Unlike the depreciation of capital assets, however, the effects of soil erosion are not reflected in conventional measures of economic welfare. ... See More +

Environment Working Paper ENV18 AUG 31, 1989

Magrath, William; Arens, Peter Disclosed

The challenge of the commons : the allocation of nonexclusive resources (English)

Environment Working Paper ENV14 FEB 28, 1989

Magrath,William B. Eligible for Disclosure