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Slovakia Catching-Up Regions – Overview Report (English)

The objective of the European Union (EU) Cohesion Policy is to narrow development gaps and reducedisparities between member countries and regions. ... See More +

Working Paper 140285 MAY 01, 2019

Kriss,Paul; Wolszczak,Grzegorz Aleksander; Benc,Vladimir; Paksima,Shahram; Franco Salazar,Janina Andrea; Chrzanowski,Pierre Anselme Gilbert; Licciardi,Guido Disclosed

Egypt - Social sector notes (English)

In response to a request from the Government of Egypt, the World Bank undertook the analysis of selected sectoral issues in education and health. ... See More +

Working Paper 113973 JUN 01, 2016

Demarco,Gustavo C.; Wodon,Quentin T.; Ersado,Lire; Evans,Brooks Fox; Male,Chata; Onagoruwa,Adenike Opeoluwa; Savadogo, Aboudrahyme; Yedan,Ali; Abdel-Hamid,Alaa Mahmoud Hamed; Pande,Aakanksha; Calimoutou,Emelyne; Shalakani, Amr El; Nguyen,Minh Cong; Kazem,Amira Mohamed Ibrahim; Paksima,Shahram Disclosed

SABER student assessment country report : Kuwait 2011 (English)

Kuwait has focused on increasing student learning outcomes by improving the quality of education in the country. An effective student assessment system is an important input to improving education quality and learning outcomes because it provides the necessary information to meet stakeholders' decision-making needs. ... See More +

Working Paper 79928 JAN 01, 2011

Paksima, Shahram Disclosed