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Success of geothermal wells : a global study (English)

This report presents analysis of a database of global geothermal drilling success. The database, compiled by IFC, covers geothermal fields that together supply power to 71 percent of the world's installed geothermal electricity generating capacity, making it the largest database of its kind. ... See More +

Other Environmental Study 78230 JUN 01, 2013

GeothermEx; Harding-Newman, Tom; Morrow, James; Sanyal, Subir; Meng, Zhengjia; Allen, Mike; Avato, Patrick; Gehringer, Magnus; Levin, Jeremy; Loksha, Victor; Moin, Sonia; Oduolowu, Akin; Pantelias, Alexios Disclosed

Global citizenry for development (English)

About the staff exchange program. What's new at the Staff Exchange Program. Moving in, moving on. Share pays dividends. Improving policy through education in modern economics, by Ulrich Hewer. ... See More +

Newsletter 37256 SEP 01, 2001

Hewer, Ulrich; Oduolowu, Akin; Claxton, Isabelle; Waugh, John; Lohmeyer, Jurgen; Zhang, Qingfeng; Lewis, Julia; Cheng, Ivy; Barry, Mamadou Disclosed

Knowledge through partnership (English)

About the staff exchange program. Food for thought. Share pays dividends. Renewed commitment, by Gregory Toulmin. Learning from the survivors of disaster, by Darrell Prokopetz. ... See More +

Newsletter 21341 JAN 01, 2000

Toulmin, Gregory; Prokopetz, Darrell; Lohmeyer, Jurgen; Leipold, Knut; Berggren, Hans-Eric; Obiora, Leslye; Gamboa, Joel; Rice, Gerry; Stiggers, David; Di Leva, Charles; Carreiro, JaymePorto; Oduolowu, Akin; O'Leary, Donal; Gaba, Kwawu; Sheldon, Christopher; Marime-Ball, Patience; Zhang, Qingfeng; Marek, Tonia

An evaluation of World Bank funded petroleum exploration promotion programs 1980-1990 (English)

The Petroleum Exploration Promotion Program (PEPP) assists countries dependent on oil imports in developing their indigenous hydrocarbon resources. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 17635 SEP 30, 1992

Oduolowu, Akin