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Extending the carbon market to the world's poor (English)

The author introduces the latest products of the World Bank's Carbon Finance Unit, and the contribution that payments for climate services can make to development and the local environment. ... See More +

Working Paper 28732 MAY 15, 2003

Newcombe, Kenneth

Essentials (January 2001) (English)

ESSD: Community driven development anchor now firmly established. Environment: latest public opinion on the environment now available. The environment strategy consultations in San Francisco. ... See More +

Newsletter 23129 JAN 31, 2001

Ahmad, Nilufar; Barghouti, Shawki; Brandriss, Peter; Brown, Lynn; Canby, Kerstin; Cantrell, Jim; Foley, Mary-Ellen; Garrison, John; Geer, Shirley; Goodland, Robert; Gordon, Anita; Guadagni, Maurizio; Klopfer, Eilee Alexandra; Kuroda, Kazuhide; Muthuram, Vidhya; Newcombe, Ken; Owen, Daniel; Pagiola, Stefano; Pitman, Jas; Reuben, William; Theiler, Susan Scurlock; Thindwa, Jeff; Thompson, Robert L.; Wettstein, Jason; Youssef, Deborah

Essentials 2(8) (English)

Convention to Combat Desertification. "Greening Industry" publication launch and seminar. NGO-World Bank committee meeting rescheduled. ... See More +

Newsletter 23124 NOV 30, 1999

Alegre, Isabel; Benedicto, Mitos; Bradford, Bonnie; Canlas, Fleur; Cantrell, James; Goodland, Robert; Gordon, Anita; Heister, Johannes; Jammi, Ramachandra; Kangasniemi, Jaako; Klees, Rita; Kuroda, Kazuhide; LaCava, Gloria; Lucca, Danielle; Mearns, Robin; Mercier, Jean Roger; Newcombe, Kenneth; Pieri, Christian; Senderowitsch, Roby; Sherman, Mariam; Toppin, Fulvia; Werbrouck, Pierre; Williams, Melissa; Xie, Jian

Essential 2(5) (English)

Budget reduction is opportunity to reassess. Development Committee discusses social principles. Bank environment strategy subject of ENV Forum. ... See More +

Newsletter 23123 MAY 31, 1999

Edstrom, J.; Foley, M.E.; Fossberg, M.; Lovei, M.; Monk, L.; Newcombe, K.; Paiement, J.; Soeftestad, L.; Vidaeus, L.; Williams, M.

The commercial potential of agricultural residue fuels : case studies on cereals, coffee, cotton, and the coconut crops (English)

As a result of the increasing gap between annual fuelwood production versus demand in many Sudano-Sahelian zone countries, parts of the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and South America the need to develop alternative fuels as well as agressive agroforestry and silvipastoralism programs in order to increase fuelwood supply is essential. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper EGY26 JUN 30, 1985

Newcombe,Kenneth J. Disclosed

An economic justification for rural afforestation : the case of Ethiopia (English)

It has proven difficult to quantify the economic benefits of large-scale rural afforestation and to establish the priority for public sector investment in traditional rural energy supply vis-a-vis investment in the supply of modern fuels (electricity, petroleum) to the urban industrial market. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper EGY16 AUG 31, 1984

Newcombe,Kenneth J. Disclosed