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A comparative overview of the incidence of non-tariff measures on trade in Lao PDR (English)

An efficient and transparent regulatory framework governing international trade is a necessary condition for countries to realize the benefits of international trade. ... See More +

Working Paper AUS9097 FEB 29, 2016

Hoppe,Mombert Disclosed

Evaluating aid for trade : a survey of recent studies (English)

The demand for accountability in aid-for-trade is increasing but monitoring has focused on case studies and impressionistic narratives. The paper reviews recent evidence from a wide range of studies, recognizing that a multiplicity of approaches is needed to learn what works and what does not. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6742 JAN 01, 2014

Cadot, Olivier; Fernandes, Ana; Gourdon, Julien; Mattoo, Aaditya; de Melo, Jaime Disclosed

Are the benefits of export support durable ? evidence from Tunisia (English)

This paper evaluates the effects of the FAMEX export promotion program in Tunisia on the performance of beneficiary firms. While much of the literature assesses only the short-term impact of such programs, the paper considers also the longer-term impact. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6295 DEC 01, 2012

Cadot, Olivier; Fernandes, Ana M.; Gourdon, Julien; Mattoo, Aaditya Disclosed

Import bans in Nigeria increase poverty (English)

Nigeria currently prohibits importation of 24 groups of items. These include a range of food products, certain medicines, industrial products such as glass bottles and textile fabrics and consumer products including footwear and furniture. ... See More +

Brief 67874 MAR 01, 2012

Treichel, Volker; Hoppe, Mombert; Cadot, Olivier; Gourdon, Julien French Disclosed

Regional integration and natural resources : who benefits ? evidence from MENA (English)

This paper builds on theoretical predictions that show that gains from regional integration are unevenly distributed between resource rich and poor countries. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5970 FEB 01, 2012

Carrere, Celine; Gourdon, Julien; Olarreaga, Marcelo Disclosed

Impact evaluation of trade interventions : paving the way (English)

The focus of trade policy has shifted in recent years from economy-wide reductions in tariffs and trade restrictions toward targeted interventions to facilitate trade and promote exports. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5877 NOV 01, 2011

Cadot, Olivier; Fernandes, Ana M.; Gourdon, Julien; Mattoo, Aaditya Disclosed

Ex-post impact evaluation of an export promotion matching grant : Tunisia's second EMAF (English)

Among the root causes of the current political turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are the large numbers of unemployed but increasingly educated youth. ... See More +

Brief 62240 MAY 01, 2011

Gourdon, J; Marchat, JM; Sharma, S; Vishwanath, T Disclosed

World Bank South Asia economic update 2010 : moving up, looking east (English)

South Asia's rebound since March 2009 has been strong and is comparable to that in East Asia. South Asia is poised to grow by about 7 percent in 2010 and nearly 8 percent in 2011, thanks to the strong recovery in India, good performances in Bangladesh, post-conflict bounce in Sri Lanka, recovery in Pakistan, and turnarounds in other countries, including Afghanistan, Maldives, and Nepal. ... See More +

Publication 56796 AUG 10, 2010

Dasgupta, Dipak; Gourdon, Julien; Hattari, Rabin; Mishra, Saurabh; Pitigala, Nihal; Yadao, Marinella Disclosed