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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Pakistan Hydromet and DRM Services Project (PHDSP) - P163924 - Sequence No : 02 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR36887 MAY 14, 2019

Fallesen,Ditte Marie Gammelgaard Disclosed

Disaster risk profile : Afghanistan (English)

Afghanistan’s rugged mountain landscape and generally arid climate make it prone to several natural hazards. Climate change also poses threat to Afghanistan’s natural resources, of which the majority of Afghans depend for their livelihood. ... See More +

Working Paper 114097 JAN 01, 2017

Ranghieri,Federica; Fallesen,Ditte Marie Gammelgaard; Jongman,Brenden; Balog,Simone Andrea Breunig; Mashahid,Sayed Sharifullah; Siercke,Guillermo A.; Simpson,Alanna Leigh Disclosed

Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) results matrix 2015 (English)

The results matrix provides an overview and aggregated results of the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) portfolio. Reading from left to right the Matrix lays out the planning hierarchy and links between the Afghan National Priority Programs (NPPs) and the ARTF portfolio. ... See More +

Working Paper 95218 JAN 01, 2015

Fallesen, Ditte Disclosed

Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) scorecard 2014 : integrated performance and management framework (Vol. 2) (Dari)

The Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) Scorecard provides information on the overall performance and results achieved by the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) through ARTF-financed projects and programs. ... See More +

91232 JAN 01, 2014

Fallesen,Ditte Marie Gammelgaard Disclosed