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Coffee markets : New paradigms in global supply and demand (English)

More than 50 nations, almost all in the developing world, produce and export coffee. A number of them are facing considerable difficulties because of the dramatic decline in the price of coffee which has fallen to its lowest levels in 30 years, and to 100 year lows if adjusted for inflation, as a result of worldwide oversupply. ... See More +

Working Paper 28300 MAR 01, 2004

Bryan Lewin; Daniele Giovannucci; Panayotis Varangis

Tropical timber trade policies : what impact will eco-labeling have? (English)

About 20 percent of the total production of tropical timber is traded internationally. But for Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and some countries in West-Central Africa, tropical timber trade accounts for more than 50 percent of production. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1156 JUL 31, 1993

Varangis, Panayotis N.; Primo Braga, Carlos A.; Kenji Takeuchi

The impact of the international coffee agreement on producing countries (English)

The main objective of this article is to analyze the impact of the International Coffee Agreements export system on the world coffee market, focusing on increases in real export revenues (transfer benefits) and reductions in income variability (risk benefits) in each exporting country. ... See More +

Journal Article 14209 MAY 31, 1990

Takamasa Akiyama; Varangis, Panayotis N.

The World Bank economic review 4(2) (English)

Toward equitable and sustainable rural water supplies: a contingent valuation study in Brazil. On the accuracy of economic observations: do Sub-Saharan trade statistics mean anything? ... See More +

Publication 17594 MAY 31, 1990

Briscoe, John; Furtado de Castro, Paulo; Griffin, Charles; North, James; Olsen, Orjan; Yeats, Alexander J.; Akiyama, Takamasa; Varangis, Panayotis N.; Tarr, David; Lopez, Ramon E.; Thomas, Vinod; Melo, Jaime de; Winters, L. Alan

Impact of the International Coffee Agreements export quota system on the Worlds coffee market (English)

Ex-post simulations of the global coffee model over the recent period of operation of the International Coffee Agreements export quota system, (1981-86) show the following. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS148 FEB 28, 1989

Akiyama, Takamasa; Varangis, Panayotis